Hour of Slack #1340 - SubGenius @ Starwood Festival 31 (Part 2)


We return to Starwood festival for the second half of Rev. Ivan Stang's annual Sermon to the Pagans, which includes readings from a rant by Rev. Sinphaltimus Exmortis as well as a quick but bone-chilling history of the Rosicrucians -- originally a 17th-century satire-on-cults, but from which grew most of the deadly-serious New Age movement, the O.T.O., and zillions of splinter-group False Prophets. The Rosicrucian origins and end results might not be as bone-chilling to the average person as they are to the minority of folks who created or contributed to satires on cults, only to find thousands of dipshits and numbskulls taking it all too seriously. The sermon is followed by a Q & A with the audience. Also included are a song by Phat ManDee and African collaborators recorded in the acoustically weird Pufferdome, numerous location recordings made by Stang and Wei, and a funny interview with Starwood co-founder Jeff Rosenbaum (aka St. Stymie de Bergerac) conducted by Church of All Worlds cofounder Oberon Zell (from the podcast "Pagans Tonight").

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1 Stang and Wei secretly report from Starwood at dawn, near the PawPaw Patch 01:16

2 Stang does Intro, credits 00:42

3 Oberon Zell Interviews Jeff Rosenbaum re: Starwood - Intro 01:48

4 Location recording from Starwood 31: Drummers & Clarinet 01:02

5 Rev. Ivan Stang preaches at Starwood 31 - 2011 - Part 2 34:59

6 Location recording from Starwood 31: Drummers + Clarinet 00:30

7 Oberon Zell Interviews Jeff Rosenbaum re: Starwood - BONFIRE 01:22

8 Location recording from Starwood 31: - Stang comments taint bonfire-lighting ceremony chant, "We Are A Circle" 00:28

9 Oberon Zell Interviews Jeff Rosenbaum re: Starwood - PHILOSOPHY-2-BONFIRE 01:04

10 Location recording from Starwood 31: Lighting The Torches 01:08

11 Phat ManDee Pufferdome Intro 00:45

12 Phat Mandee last song 06:36

13 Location recording from Starwood 31: Stang Seeks Toilet! 00:25

14 credits, urls 01:14

15 Oberon Zell Interviews Jeff Rosenbaum re: Starwood - BONFIRE: secrets 02:50

16 Location recording from Starwood 31: Drumming!+ 00:26

17 Oberon Zell Interviews Jeff Rosenbaum re: Starwood - PARTIES-G-SPOT 00:34

18 Location recording from Starwood 31: at dawn of last day, Space Ranger Ben and Wei sing "Please Mr. SpaceMan" with Gnorm on guitar at The G-Spot 1 01:35

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