Hour of Slack #1346 - Rerun, #844 - Indevival 2002 with Papa Joe Mama


Here we offer highlights from one of the best devivals ever, the one sponsored in Indianapolis in 2002 by the Quijibo Cartel. Pope Phred's M.C.-ing glues together performances by StAllio, Saint N and Hellena Handbasket, Stang with a variation on SubGenius 101, and the classic Papa Joe Mama rant called "Reparations." Clips from live ESO and Puzzling Evidence radio shows spice it all up, along with some LeMur and other collagery.

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1 Wei Hour o Slack Echoey 00:15

2 Puzzling Evidence openmix 00:50

3 Minute of Slack #10 "Gray Hairs from Partying" 01:23

4 Fern. LeMur -- "subGenesis" 00:46

5 Stang credits, Indevival intro 00:42

6 Pope Phred's Intro Rant 03:34

7 St. N & Hellena Handbasket: "The Ultimate Bobbie" 02:43

8 Stang Indevival "SubG 101 v.9.012b" rant 12:50

9 ESO Radio 4-19-02-- "Papa Joe @ Indy, Nazi Weirdness 02:51

10 "Look @ Them - Blissful Ignorance" clip 00:21

11 Papa Joe Mama, Indevival sermon "Reparations" 13:08

12 "The Ultimate Bobbie" cont. 01:28

13 Pope Phred Intros StAllio! 01:32

14 "bboo!" - stAllio! 03:06

15 Pope Phred intros stAllio, Crimson Mane 01:40

16 stAllio! - "Get Me Outa This Gunk" 01:45

17 Pope Phred Stalls 00:27

18 ESO Radio 6-7-02  "Cowboy Brag" 02:46

19 "Brag of Good King Stang" 03:15

20 stAllio clip 00:06

21 Evangela Gripes 00:29

22 stAllio clip 00:06

23 Indevival credits, addresses, PO 03:19

24 Evangela: "Urg, Drives Me Crazy" 00:04

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