Hour of Slack #1347 - Battle of the SubGenius Shows Part 1: Cleveland Vs. San Francisco


While in San Francisco for three weeks recently, Hour of Slack became intertwined with three of The Puzzling Evidence Shows from KPFA Berkeley, two Ask Dr. Hal Show podcasts on Radio Valencia, and a Radio Synaesthesia from WCSB Cleveland. This particular episode had to be assembled quickly, so it is comprised of the best/longest clips from several of those shows, the ones that needed the least editing. Spouters include Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, Dr. Sinister, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe, Dr. Gary G'broagfran, Rev. Ivan Stang, Phineas Narco and many mysterious callers. When we have time to sit down and do some serious editing, future shows will include appropriate clips from the aforementioned, mixed with location recordings made by StangDoe, including reviews of many national monument, state park and rest stop restrooms.

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1 Puzzling Evidence Show Intro 00:38

2 Puzzling Evidence 1-27a-Collage-Get Out of My Head 01:14

3 Puzzling Evidence 1-27c-g- StangDoe Road Trip Summary 12:00

4 Stang - credits, Intro 01:06

5 Ask Dr. Hal Show - 1L- Starving America - Bob's Face Pipe 09:34

6 Puzzling Evidence 2-3u - A Man with a Pipe Shall Come 01:55

7 Ask Dr. Hal Show - 2r-s-Prairie Squid - ASK BOB why?? - HornyToads 07:47

8 Radio Synaesthesia 1-29-o- The Decrazyizer!! Bob! Carrot X 05:09

9 Ask Dr. Hal Show - 1-3j- Long Great Show End      20:01

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