Hour of Slack #1397 - Rerun #981 - LeMurianist Peppe-paloozer


I, Stang have been too busy doing almost NOTHING AT ALL (lollygagging on vacation) to even listen to this rerun, so I hope it's a good one. The log indicates that it's at least half collages by LeMur and ranted-word masterpieces by Rev. Michael Peppe, so it probably is. There are evidently also clips from a Stang Starwood sermon, some Radio Synaesthesia excerpts and music by a few mysterious characters, including The Amino Acids crossed with The Swinging Love Corpses. This is mostly from late 2004. But don't count on reruns forever; lots of 2013 shows are in the works. We're just taking our time. "Slack comes first in the life of any Initiate." -- "Bob"

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1 LeMur: "Bob" Warning #10 00:15

2 HoS Intro- Zosodada  00:59

3 Michael Peppe - we begin 00:13

4 LeMur: Praze "Bob" 00:04

5 LeMur: Ultimatum 00:43

6 LeMur: "Bob" Song #1004 00:23

7 Michael Peppe - busy busy busy 01:23

8 credit 00:27

9 pimpdaddysupreme: "the_record_business" 02:21

10 MST3K: Bob & Connie quote 00:20

11 LeMur: Oh yes, "Bob" 00:06

12 LeMur: PR Gnus #1018 00:33

13 LeMur: A Salesman 00:19

14 Frank Zappa - "Sleeping In A Jar"  00:49

15 Stang at 2004 Amsterdam devival on Slack 06:25

16 LeMur: According to "Bob" 00:06

17 Acid Corps (Amino acids & Swinging Love Corpses) - Ray Hey at X-Day 01:19

18 LeMur: Andy of Bug Porn #1002 00:23

19 Michael Peppe - Information Whiteout 05:40

20 credits  00:54

21 LeMur: PR Gnus #1012 00:33

22 El Rushbo 00:08

23 LeMur: Hay! It's Me! 00:23

24 LeMur: Kennedy the Criminal 00:13

25 LeMur: My Favourite Things 00:22

26 LeMur: Oh Baby 00:05

27 pimpdaddysupreme - "acid_rain" 04:22

28 Cred Pimp to Lemur 00:23

29 LeMur: PR Gnus #1019 00:33

30 we_smell_sausage 00:08

31 LeMur: Stupid 00:33

32 LeMur: The Great Delusion 01:33

33 LeMur: The Queen 02:00

34 Prepare To Fire 02:49

35 Cred Christian 00:13

36 LeMur: PR Gnus #1021 00:23

37 Stang at Starwood 2004 - Copyright Law 03:03

38 Wei Has the Brane 00:33

39 Radio Synaesthesi 05-30-04 with Bucky 06:28

40 LeMur: PR Gnus #1022 00:23

41 Psychic TV (?) - "I.C. God" 05:06

42 Creds 01:04

43 Radio Syn - BuckyBalls  03:22

44 LeMur: Bogey #2 00:43

45 You're listening To Loop SHORT 00:15

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