Second hour of a lively Puzzling Evidence show from February 15 with host Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, Rev. Ivan Stang and Popess Lilith in the KPFA studios, plus esteemed callers Dr. Gary G'broagfran, Rev. Baby Bear, Michael Peppe and others. Music at the open and close is by The Psycho Skeletons and Half Man Half Biscuit; collages by LeMur.

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1 LEMUR: HOS Intro #892 - Firesign Watson 00:35

2 Half Man Half Biscuit: 99%Of Gargoyles Look Like "Bob" Dobbs 04:39

3 LeMur: PR Gnus #1612 00:44

4 Puzzling Evidence Show, KPFA-Berkeley, Feb 15, 2013, second hour (with callers Dr. Gary G'broagfran, Rev. Baby Bear (Little Big Bear), Highway Man Woman, Suicide Caller (?):

Now we're swimming around in your mind - Old Sequaw in your own mind! - Old Sequaw biological details - money throwing - the meteorite that exploded over Russia - the Rumpus Room - They force you to listen to the Show, force us to do it - 11 video cameras now in KPFA building, we need to wear masks to the Show - shop you out of the picture - YOU ARE BOBSOLETE - Throw him into the lake of soylent Green - Hab Halloway smokes Chesterfields - Chesterfields are the Official Cigarette of the Church of the SubGenius - you can get cigs in Hell UNLESS you're a smoker - caller describes Russian meteor explosion videos - Russians blather - The Horrible Rotten Smell - I heard the Russians don't love their children - Day of the Triffids meteor shower that blinded everybody - / Dr. Gary G'broagfran calls in - All going to Little Big Bear's house on Sunday - to be important Gary must buy the band AGAIN - how to get surfboard out of butt - was that an album cover? - Gary's Hall of Grotesqueries - the G'broagfran Art Wing of the Santa Cruz museum - Philo is not any kind of winger, a wingless man - an emu of a man - Sterno only sexts - Frank Zappa sucks (to draw out the Zappa cultists) - deepfried wings of huge fluttering butterflies - Hal motel ad - Pappy's dog ate Pappy's teeth - Hal sunk the boat and "Bob" screwed the pooch - uphill battle against the sound effects - the old lady on the side of the road - Don't Feed the Goat Women - centrifuge the blood before you drink it - the Red Cells of Courage - Gary's scary hot rod now sold - Wei's queen bee mom's pulsating abdomen - Pinnacles nat.park cave trail and pecker shaped rocks - "BOB" IS THE BOX YOU HAVE TO THINK OUTSIDE OF - Manopause - Hal's fabulous watch offer - only 27 chopping days to Ax-Mass - St. Cuthbert - Hal on skunks - route to Pinnacles Nat. Park, secret submarine tunnel - Cleveland skunks stand up to squirt - skunk advice - Primo-Anthropocus smelled so bad he drove off predators - skunk chimichanga - housecat-raping French skunks - Slick, Philo's brother's one-eyed cat - the goat who thought he was a cow - The "Puss Ev" Show - Will this show be over soon? - People Who Think This Show Is Bad - The Poonicles - Vitamin H (Habafropzipulops) - If you have answers, we'll question them - Find Vitamin H at the Ask Dr. Hal show - (Michael Peppe call) - Tiny Titmouse - Don't touch the show when it's hot - eat the show's bullets - show end - "What's On Your Radio?"

5 Cred PE 2 Psycho Skel 00:29

6 The Psycho Skeletons - We Are the Care Bears 01:53

7 Rev. Baby Bear's SubGenius Mailing Spot 00:36

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