Hour of Slack #1405  - Suckling at the Nipple of Morpheus


Dr. Hal, Rev. Ivan Stang, Dr. Philo Drummond, Puzzling Evidence, "Spy," and Rev. Michael Peppe were in top form on Dr. Hal's Radio Valencia show of 2-15-2013. Dr. Hal's shows have a markedly different sound from the Puzzling Evidence ones; there are fewer mics and mouths on at once. Despite a discussion of Morpheus's slumbermilk, this is not a sleepy show. Now winding down our long road trip, we managed to do a little editing on this one; five on-topic Jonathan Coulton songs about monsters are interspersed with the talk. Compiling elaborate shows with 30 to 50 tracks (like "normal" Hours of Slack) will have to wait until we're back in the Cleveland office -- soon. Nonetheless, I, Stang, would actually recommend this show for beginning listeners.

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1 Activate Interlock! 00:41

2 Dr. Hal - Designer Genes Show Start 01:06

3 Jonathan Coulton - I_m a Mason Now 02:15

4 credit intro - Hal-Coulton 03:56

5 Dr. Hal - Show begins lunar descent - robots 02:22

6 Jonathan Coulton - Chiron Beta Prime 02:49

7 Dr. Hal show -news to chicken diddler 13:09

8 Jonathan Coulton - Under the Pines 03:35

9 Dr. Hal show - Suckling Morpheus's Nipples 01:54

10 Jonathan Coulton - I Crush Everything 04:42

11 Ask Dr. Hal Show - numerous topics indeed 19:08

12 Jonathan Coulton - Tom Cruise Crazy 03:38

13 SubGeniusMailingSpot 00:34

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