Hour of Slack #1408 - Live 2013-04-07 - Back Out of the Saddle


Upon our return to the Cleveland Heights Slackermansion after a four month road trip, we did an old-fashioned live show at WCSB with collages, music, Puzzling Evidence clips and the buzz that sometimes comes when Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in. We plan to buy Dave a cell phone. Collages this time are mostly by Rev. Baby Bear. Songs by The Rudy Schwartz Project and Jonathan Coulton. Background music by Cult of Zir and The Psycho Skeletons. Subjects covered include: Desert Hiking Hints. We Need a New iEverything. Things that Novelty Dinosaurs are Made Of. Pest Western and the Roach Motels of America. Forbidden Geology and the New Names for Crazy Rock Formations. Rain in Death Valley and tortoises who pee themselves to death.

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1 Rev. Baby Bear: CrazyLadyChangesReality 00:34

2 Planet Bob lines 00:50

3 Lemur: HOS Intro #896 - We Are The Men 00:34

4 Old Puzzling Evidence - Werewolf 02:09

5 Old Collage - Sexy 00:33

6 Rev. Baby Bear poem: Against Slacklessness And Pinkness 00:50

7 Rev. Baby Bear: People Are Robots 00:10

8 Rev. Baby Bear: Bob Open Up X 00:32

9 Rev. Baby Bear: Bobs Cardboard Box 00:10

10 Rev. Baby Bear: Caught Slacking Off 00:11

11 LeMur: PR Gnus #1621 00:38

12 Jonathan Coulton: The Presidents 04:04

13 Incoming President 00:17

14 Rev. Baby Bear: Crazy Lady Cowboy 00:41

15 OOld PE - Hal, Philo on CoSG 01:35


16 c Live at WCSB - StangDoe and Dave 38:23

Thanks to PeE - credits, JoCo & Bush. "My politics are between me and Big Brother" -- Stang - Our long trail trip - when you're going out, those one plants look gray, but when you're coming back, you see they're blue. Stang's vision of young ladies "getting it." Rev. Baby Bear credit. It ain't a desert until you see a cow carcass, and we finally found one in Grand Staircase Escalante. "Don't look at dead things." The buzz on Dave's phone now louder than Dave himself? - Stang to modernize, buy I-Everything using son's inheritance. Novelty dinosaurs made of deer antlers, car parts, lawn mowers, nails, driftwood, sheet metal, duct tape, PVC, arrowheads - our photo collection of Giant Cocks (roosters) - Don't be jealous, I had to put up with you people for 30 years - The roach motels of America - avoid Pest Western Rewards Program - MediocreLodge - The Las Vegas Motel 6: space module - Wigwam Motels! - We contracted White Nose Syndrome and Hanta Virus - Dave calls in with Buzz - put spit on it and jiggle it, do Woo Woo Dance to fix phone - broken, like my brain and the broken Playstation 3 - Dave's buzz-brain-phone - We all need a new everything - Chinese medicine - The Ohiosaurus versus the Dunkleosteus. Stang filters the buzz. Hard to tell if it's tinnitus or the phone. Listeners in car can only hear like I do. We studied geology, have new names for rock formation types: Sleeping Tyrannosaurses, White Tits, Surprised Crab, Crazy All-Kinds-of-Faces-and-Shapes Land, Crazy-Face Pancake-Lip Land, Hoodoo Toddlers; The Giant's Toes; Dripping Paint; Choc. Wafer, Schmoos, Albino Cthulutite, Fake Bricks, (Wei thinks national parks formed by nature, not man-made), Balloon Tutes, Tiki Heads, (carved by the Titans), The Devil's Drive-In, Honeycomb Hide-Out, Devil's Liquor Cabinet, Cornstarch-on-Speakers! GOOGLE YOUTUBE CORNSTARCH ON SPEAKERS - Nude Gargoyle, Monster Hunter landscapes, Bub Elbutts, Chinless Greeness and Moenkopi. Slickrock and chinle and moenkopi. Rain in Death Valley. Artists Ghetto Drive. The tragedy of the Desert Tortoise getting the pee scared out of him. "Don't frighten the tortoise or he'll pee too much." Bacteria and the buzz.

Jonathan Coulton: "Bacteria"

17 Old Puzzling Evidence: Philo on Pamphlets, Bobbie Souls 00:51

18 LeMur: PR Gnus #1622 00:31

19 End of Old PE show 03:05

20 Rev. Baby Bear: Best of Luck Bob 00:08

21 Rudy Schwartz Project - Turn Out The Lights XX 02:55

22 Rev. Baby Bear: SubGenius Mailing Spot 00:36

Background music: 

Cult of Zir - impolite ice tulpa - INST     06:04

The Psycho Skeletons - Ghetto Princess 3rd mix     04:06

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