Hour of Slack #1411 - The SubGenius Video Game / Live 2013-4-28


This episode isn't ONLY about the SubGenius Video Game, but that project is discussed in detail on a recent Puzzling Evidence show. We play more new songs by The Rudy Schwartz Project and an El Queso oldie, some new/old collages, and much live chatter by StangDoe in the studio and Lonesome Cowboy Dave phoning it in, as it were. (His BUZZ is GONE!) We had no idea what we were going to talk about going in, and we ended up disecting the movie Upstream Color, the new "Bob" Hates Pinks movement, sex trends at X-Day Drills, rival cults, and scaly-legged hippie lizards. Stang reads a bit from THE PSYCHLOPAEDIA OF SLACK.

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1    The Rudy Schwartz Project - WhoSuckedtheMeatOffMyPorkchopBone? XX     03:22

2     Lemur: HOS Intro #888 - Little Tahitian Drummer Boi  00:42

3    The Rudy Schwartz Project - Carry Me Back to Good Ol USA  02:44

4     Lemur: PR Gnus #1616 00:53

5     Secret Gov clip sent by Rev. Royal deCapitator    00:23

6    Rev. Skull Version of Subgenius TV Commercial     00:48

7     RevDrRoyal_de_Capitator - "Bob's" Daughter     01:50

8     Lemur: any Vile Things.mp3     01:56

9     Puzzling Evidence w/ Stang-2-22-13g- The SubG Video Game     09:19

10   Live StangDoe-Dave 20:37

Credits -  Conspiracy Theorist reading from BOBLIOGRAPHON - Humans a virus, like fleas - Patriopsychotic Anarchomaterialism - primate politics - REVELATION X for 1¢ a copy used - yak on our out-of-print books - We don't know or care what we're talking about tonight. Don't analyze what people say because you'll see they're so full of vanity - like this case in point - Dave calls in - we still don't know what we're talking about. What happens with this HOLD button? - the buzz on Dave's phone made it too crowded - the buzz was rude, not a good houseguest - Chickens speak Latin? - The buzz according to Buzz Aldrin, all New-Agey - Moon Landing doubters vs. Slave Bases on the Moon Believers - William Rice Burroughs' novels about junkies of the apes, junkies on Mars - quickie review of UPSTREAM COLOR by PRIMER director Shane Carruthers. The West Borrowed SubGenius Church protest placards reading, "BOB" HATES PINKS" etc. - protest at memorial for Boston Marathon bombing victims -- is it too soon? "It's Too Soon" was a great band. Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper got divorced. Marilyn thinks she isn't sexy. All women except homely ones think they're homely. Connie's big mustache - proud she-Yeti. Her musk. Hairy-legged Hippie Girls.

11   The Rudy Schwartz Project - You're No Rondo Hatten     01:58

12   The El Queso All-Stars - Raised In An Environment of "Bob"     01:40

13     Repression clip from RdeC  - - LIVE cont 13:14

Freudien forms of repression according to Dave - the banana and the peach-crease - They can't admit how good-looking the Whore of Babylon really is - Saragina and Fellini's 8 1/2 - I had good taste in what I copied - Dave makes fun of Stang about shaving his ankles - Stang gets offended. Cursed for making fun of hairy-legges hippie girls. Multiple super-beings. X-Day a JOKE? Mormons, Scientology a JOKE? Cults in America. Indian temples in Okio built by English Jesus Buddies - Erik VanDaaniken crap on "History Channel" predicated on people assuming no brown-skinned "savage" could buiuld a pyramid without alien help. TOO STUPID? Speak for yourself! Cross-dressing transvestites: what X-Day's all about. That "girl" Dave picked up at X-Day. "It's okay to be bisexual, Dave." All the things Dave isn't, such as mammal. Scaly-legged hippie-things saying they're mammals. X-Day is a-comin' - this world so creepy - Stang had good year, doesn't want to leave earth - Stang paid to fill mail order in back of car, under a black tarp, sweating while Wei drives thru Monument Valley. Most people don't know what they're really doing with it anyway. Wei gets Starwood plug in. End of show - URL - Flying Ryan Bros credit - tongue-kissing Dave goodbye

14     LeMur: PR Gnus #1626 00:42

Background music: various monster movies, The Flyin' Ryan Brothers album UNDER THE INFLUENCE

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