Hour of Slack #1417 - SubGenius All-Star Olde Hierarchy Doktors On the Loose


MAYBE we'll use up the Ask Dr. Hal radio show recordings from our visit to San Francisco last winter, BEFORE Dr. Hal comes to Ohio for X-Day and we record dozens of NEW shows' worth of material. The stretches of ADH used herein involve special guests Stang, Philo Drummond, St. Palmer Vreedeez of LIES Foundation, Puzzling Evidence, Pete Goldy and K-ROB. It's all seasoned with many new Lemur collages, two new (mind-blowing) Rudy Schwartz Project songs and one old one done with Stang, now heavily revised -- and, for the first time, explained. As usual with Dr. Hal shows, monster movie and comic book trivia vies with Dobbs and SubGenius trivia. Listeners are also privvy to a location recording in which Rev. Stang's desert hikes begin to mingle in his mind with his favorite video game, Monster Hunter.

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1 MH Clarion! 00:03

2 HOS Intro #899 - Manifecultation 00:49

3 Ask Dr. Hal Show, 2013-2-22 - Dancing Priestesses-Picasso 08:14

4 LeMur - PR Gnus #1638 00:24

5 The Rudy Schwartz Project - with Stang - revised The Bacon for Tomorrow's Breakfast 04:43

6 Credits-Intro-Explan 02:13

7 Ask Dr. Hal Show, 2013-2-22-f-Wish Granted - X-Day? 02:39

8 XX_Day Drill 1999 devival, Stang and ESO - Y O K Bug 01:47

9 XX_Day Drill 1999 devival, Stang and ESO - Build Your Own Ship X 02:02

10 LeMur - Aliens #03 - Crop Circles 00:37

11 Ask Dr. Hal Show, 2013-2-22 -h-Show Computer-Super War Hero 01:57

12 LeMur - Important Angels 00:20

13 Ask Dr. Hal Show, 2013-2-22 - j-Lymph Glands bulldada 00:58

14 LeMur: Christian Talk 666 00:25

15 Ask Dr. Hal Show, 2013-2-22 - m-How 2 Address Stang 02:03

16 LeMur - PR Gnus #1639 00:43

17 planetx_1-Monster Zero 00:25

18 Stang - Monster Hunter in Goblin Valley State Park, Utah 01:37

19 Monster Hunter Ludroth Entrance 00:21

20 The Rudy Schwartz Project: Song Of The Coastal Artillery Women 04:06

21 Ask Dr. Hal Show, 2013-2-22 11:24

22 The Great Groovy Neptune rant XX 02:13

23 The Rudy Schwartz Project - This Wind Fallen Wood 03:35

24 credits 00:42

25 Ask Dr. Hal Show, 2013-2-22j-b-Human Stain-Marx Toys Nerd Talk 03:24

26 SubGeniusMailingSpot 00:36

27 planetx_5_attack 01:11

28 MH Quest Completed! 00:09

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