Hour of Slack #1424 - When Dinosaurs Ruled The Hour of Slack (Live at Wisteria "2013"-7-2)


There is more about osteoderms in this episode than in most Hours of Slack. Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang were live, in front of an audience, doing Hour of Slack using Tarzan's Radio Station on July 2, the second day of 16 X-Day Drill, in Caffeina's cafe at Wisteria campground. And that's where we are for most of this show, which includes performances by Evolution Control Committee, The Mutant Mountain Boys, The Slot Rods, St. Andrew the Impaled and an extra special bowel-tearing rant by Rev. Tao Joannes with Multiple Fisted Tails of Connie. The only bits NOT from X-Day are PR Gnus and collages by LeMur. And Stang's hastily-recorded credits and garbled explanations. The show ends with a RIPPING recording of The Mutant Mountain Boys doing "May Your Records Be Unbroken."

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1 LeMur: HOS Intro #875 - Try The Finest Money Can Buy 1 00:41

2 Stang, Hal - HoSlack at Wisteria 1a - Is this an HoS? 00:16

3 LeMur: PR Gnus #1653 00:45

4 Stang, Hal - HoSlack at Wisteria 1a - Titles 01:33

5 Intro to Andrew 00:50

6 Andrew The Impaled - Sapiosexual 03:46

7 cred Andrew 2 Hal 00:10

8 Stang, Hal - HoSlack at Wisteria 1a - Dinosaurs & Monsters & EVERYTHING 13:24

9 Rev. Tao Joannes with Multi-Fisted Tails of Connie: Florida Man Mix X 07:06

10 cred Tao Joannes 2 HoS 00:40

11 Stang, Hal - HoSlack at Wisteria 1a - Our background movie music - Stop Motion Masters 06:21

12 LeMur: PR Gnus #1652 00:25

13 The Slot Rods 02 - We're the Slot Rods 02:16

14 Stang, Hal - HoSlack at Wisteria 1a - Kenneth Anger - Prison - Live HoS technicalities 06:23

15 cred hos 2 ECC 00:45

16 Evolution Control Committee - Raymond Scott/Powerhouse live mash 03:41

17 Stang, Hal - HoSlack at Wisteria 1a - Chimp Could Do Hour of Slack 01:32

18 Credits: End to MMB 00:51

19 The Mutant Mountain Boys - May Yr Records Be Unbroken 06:58

20 BabyBearSubGeniusMailingSpot 00:36

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