Hour of Slack #1436 - The Largest of ScrubGenius Rants


Half the show is best-of The Large collages (utilizing bits from many SubG and Quasi-SubG arteests) and the other half is Stang reading three great rants posted by others on the ScrubGenius forum: "Yes, Virginia, There IS a Jack the Ripper" by Ride Theory, "The Weaponized Ape" by The Good Rev. Roger, and Rev. Nigel's "Don't Believe -- KNOW!" rant. Harkens back to the olden days when Stang did the live parts of the show alone. The background music, by The Rudy Schwartz Project, The Flyin' Ryan Bros., The Amino Acids and The Psycho Skeletons all kicks ass.

Clips of the individual rants:




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1 Phineas Narco/NCN - Shelter Warning 01:07

2 GGG: BOB WAS 00:09

3 The LARGE-OCB-D-Intro-collage 05:10


5 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Uncle Pinkerton Explains 06:05

6 GGG - better slackful than thoughtful 00:17

7 Stang & Doe: Live rant reads, Aminos, Live 18:49

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Jack the Ripper by Ride Theory

The Weaponized Ape by The Good Rev. Roger

8 The Large - What if ''Bob'' Was One of Us 12:04

9 Live rant read 2 02:51

Rev. Nigel's Don't Believe - KNOW! Rant

10 The Large - What If 2 07:59

11 End Live - 02:15

12 The Large - What If 3 02:00

Background music:

1 RSP - Here Comes Mr. Banjo 02:59

2 the Psycho Skeletons - Power Trip 01:37

The Flyin' Ryan Brothers

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