Hour of Slack #1444 -- Least Planned Show Ever: "The Truman Bentley Hour" - Live 2013-12-15


This live broadcast took place during an exceedingly hectic week, and we went in with ZERO preparation. Luckily, because our beloved listener Rev. Niholas Johnson had mailed them to us, we had the bizarre newsletters of TRUMAN BENTLEY to read on the air. Stang also read some strangely SubGeniusly bits from Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle. Then Lonesome Cowboy Dave called in and everything went to Helle (as opposed to "Hell"). Near the end is shocking gossip by Stang: anecdotes about the sex lives of that band The Devos. Much of the background music is by Christian Blatter.

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Opens with collage by The Large. Then:

Our appliance healing. Reading Truman Bentley zine: Wei (Howellism; Rich good, poor bad), Stang (Anti-God; Hate Everything), Wei (Need a Computer). Stang reads from Baroque Cycle: Imp of the Perverse. Wei reads Bentley's dating hints.

Dave calls in. Giants' graves -- what th Doctors did to Dave - In "Bob's" dungeon basement, the soul canisters are flooded - wet smelly souls - Dave's special school for kids with 2 faces. 18-foot, 18-footed Cyclops skeletons. Snavely's epic 1-eyed nitrous oxide drive; bad nitrous drives of amateurs. Drugsafety vs. lobotomies. Twin Peaks. YouTube. Redneck accents. English teachers. Grammar Nazis. "Gift them." "It's all good." Dr. Sinister arrives. Somebody DIED?!? Music teachers. Christian blatter music. DEVO sex gossip. "3-Way is Best." How Dave looks -- Google Lonesome Cowboy Dave. End Show. Writing on hand = cause of Alzheimer's.

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