Hour of Slack #1450 - Sacred Hernia & Kidney Stone Special - Live "2014"-2-2


I guess it wasn't that horrible of a show after all. Driving home afterwards I (Stang) always remember them being horrible, especially this one, but, playing it back, I can't tell the difference anyway. Sacred or else funny songs are interspersed with live blabbertiyak at the WCSB Cleveland studio, our second favorite place to be when it's zero degrees below zero outside. Starts with collages by Dances With Rockets and Champion Jack Codini, and music by Mayan Ruins, Rev. Phineas Narco, Saint N and Helena Handbasket, The King, and Panting Antics. Somewhere in there is also a pretty gross (yet "clean"!) monolog by the great fat Harry White. Crop circles are discussed, as are the SubGenius Movie, the New Age vs. The Old Age, and some guy named "Bob."

Music Video of Lonesome Cowboy Dave's song "THE PRESIDENT'S ON THE PHONE"

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1 Bleepo Abernathy Screwball Title- 00:25

2 Jack Codini: Message From Space 02:15

3 Chas Smith collage: SquidBrunelle 01:52

4 St.N & Hellena Handbasket: SISTER CONNIE 03:53

5 Panting Antics: I CALL IT SIN 04:06

6 Phineas Narco: All the Stupid People.aif 02:03


Credits - all songs from A Squid For Connie - Phineas Narco praise - Panting Antics - St. N - missed Detroit devival -  funny Wei - crazy 2-Stang credits - Chas's WCSB show -

8 Fat Harry White - Calling Dr. Love 03:44

9 LIVE con't:

Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in. He made it - it's got green teeth and a beak - insane Dave talk & "Bob's" creation in Dr. Hal's lab - pipe bolts in neck - Monster created Hal. Stitch "Bob"? Does audience want to be stitched? Stitching and herniated gut-sacs. Audience: just make up what we're saying because it'll be funnier. Dave's theory of monogramed sentence - bad jugglers of bad words and bad thoughts - rather play video games than juggle words - Me and Ramtha , I have to channel through Little Weak Glasses Man. Description of Ramtha - What the Bleep Do We Know vs. Bleepo Abernathy -- Bleepo mix our radio play - the SubG movie script - randomize pages of script & throw in somebody else's script too. Then Kickstarter campaign for a million $. We'll be dead before this happens. Dave won't sip silently -- slurped that dark night unpeacefully. Rev. Joel from African Abstract is here - the Superb Owl = The Super Bowl" - the Owls of Ohio - owls hooting - Hoo's on first. I don't give a hoot. Awl gives her brain owie. Dave's nose EMITS smells. Can Dave smell that skunk tail he has for a nose? It does perfumes too, the smell of incense, etc., calculus, roast beef. Joel's bad mic vs. the phone witches. Funny voices practice, mastic bones. This show doesn't make any sense.

The King: Sweet Home Alabama

Irish Elvis. Joel on "20 Feet from Stardom" -- back-up singer on Sweet Home, did Southern Man. Discussion of class division & barking, and mind-toying. Being super-toyed-with by radio and Socrates. Stang rags on stereotyping of Southerners. We're not all wearing sheets in Southern Downtown Clevelands. Southerners and bad winter driving - Stang was one. Susie the Floozie froze Atlanta. Bad weather in the south -- that's why we're back here, zero degrees below zero. Discussion of band MAYAN RUINS (played in bg). Trail to Mt. Rushmore littered with rotting dead camels - discussion of gooey rottenness of camel-humps. AIM still camped out on Roosevelt's head and Geo. Washington's nose. Dave wants to bite Washington's nose - NORTH BY NORTHWEST - Gregory Peck swinging from root, like a "nose hair." Jeffersonian democracy root canal bowls for the children, and sleighrides. DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS OF IMAGINED AND REAL KIDNEY STONE REMOVAL OPERATIONS. Tube up the tube - Himalayan pink salt is made from yeti kidney stones. Feed your kidney stones, folks! Make 'em strong and spikey! "Bob's" hernia operation and 2nd Emaculation - Stang tried to imitate him, got hernia, bacame more like Hitler, given dope, wrote SubG ads on dope. Tring to be like "Bob"? Ah Have Sinned Aginst Yew! Dave sings gospel "Bob" song "Put down that bathtub." Guy with Protest Songs from the Bush Era study & Dave -- Stang & Wei sing Dave's song "IODINE 131" & Dave can't remember. Some PHD is using Dave's "The President's On the Phone" - google "The President's On the Phone" to see music video with great art of that song. Can't keep same war going forever. Dave's band "Retardo's Mondo Band" - Chas was ashamed - They laughed at Beethoven AND you but not for same things. "I'd rather have the right people laughing AT me than the wrong people laughing with WITH me" -- Onan Canobite. CoSG IS elitist. We're better JUST BECAUSE. We're pray for you -- "I'll pray for you" said hatefully. Violently shooting the peace sign at people. Crop Circle lessons at Starwood. Rev. Circlemaker, the one who "came out." Stang on crop circle making.  Rape is the prefered medium of crop circle makers AND of aliens. "Why are you trying to destroy the New Age, Rev. Stang?" We'd rip it's throat out. Old Age Vs. New Age. X-Day - any minute now. 17X-Day Drill coming. "I became a Catholic to get away from that "Bob" stuff!" Sacrifices -- brain cells of Dr. Hal. 3/4s of his brain replaced by mushrooms. Such a fun-GI! PRINCESS WEI CHORTLE RING-TONE. Show ID, URL, Mayan Ruins credit, Christian Hartman, mayan urine joke - we can't tell when we've already done this whole show before already - end of tether-tandor - might step on feet. Need extra foot to step on both feet. Show over.

(Stang music/Lemur collage tekno mix end "Hercules On Acid")



Music Video of Lonesome Cowboy Dave's song "THE PRESIDENT'S ON THE PHONE":


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