Hour of Slack #1451 - All About Holes - Live "2014"-2-9


Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe and Rev. Ivan Stang jam with Jimi Hendrix. (Also includes one live song by The Rainmakers and 2 LeMur collages.) Subjects: McMurphy's Law vs. Nurse Ratched's Rule. CHAOTIC FISHPONDS. America "cheese & fornication" bobalon. Class division humor. The football attached to the President's you know what. Harry Truman's shoes. Frankenfoods. Those aren't your neighbors. Dave's liberty seizures. X-Day 17. If you could ask "Bob" ONE QUESTION. Topology. Leaking from one's nozzle into one's 3rd nostril. Coffee fiends. Lobotomy humor. The Supernatural Bowl. Mind was once leather, now dry cracker. Bowl hole. Math porn. Stephen Hawking's sex life. Chimp armpit braiding. Mowing the lawn of cliches. The sausage sex goddesses at 1997 X-Day Drill.

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1 LeMur: HOS Intro #874 - Savings Plan 00:32

2 The Rainmakers (live, 25 On DVD): Information 05:07

3 Swamp Radio (Stang, Dave, Wei) 8-16-01 Great Shit! 08:47

4 LeMur:Call Your Doctor #5 00:37

5 Live at WCSB 2014-2-9 44:28

Stang, Doe, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, and very obscure Jimi Hendrix rehearsal and jam recordings

Holes essay opening paragraphs reading (CHAOTIC FISHPONDS) - the black hole and Lonesome Cowboy Dave's hole. The gestalt holes in his personality. Got the whole gestalt in your hand. The hole between Dave's ears. The events of Sovalia and FelPhall and Amerikee - Dave sad rant on America "cheese & fornication" bobalon... Like your America rare? What if the world was filled with competing Americas? A certain group of rich families got together one Thanksgiving Day and ate America. Class division humor. Poor people working unpaid for love of rich people and hate of ___. I don't wanna be the first one to press the button - but someone must. The football attached to the President's you know what. Harry Truman's shoes. Only a madman would run for dog catcher much less Pres. We can't feed the poor - Frankenfoods must be bought each year, makes no seed stock - Dr. Frankenstein got a bad rap - making spider wolf wolf spiders eat its foot then yours. Those aren't your neighbors but members of a wolf gang out to get you. CREDITS - back when Dave could still come, to the station. Dave's liberty seizures. X-Day 17 up on SubSITE. The liqiufying rocks - genetic cybernetic alterations. The machine has done its work, play its part well. We are the cogs and must go under. If you could ask "Bob" ONE QUESTION, what'd it be? "Can I go now? Can I go back to what I was doing in 1977 before you pulled your wool over my eyes? Can I go to the bathroom it's been 35 years?!?!?" More HOLES quotes - topology. Princess Wei subduced me the night we got married. Dave playing guitar while on the phone - directly from his brain - his synapses beat up on each other, sounding like a bad Hendrix. They worked him and partied him to death. But they never did that to us! Why? Old Russian Dave on touring with Stang. We can quit blaming everything on Dave for now. Leaking from one's nozzle into one's 3rd nostril. The electronic breathing or electronic breeding. Circular breathing and Jables. Insane Stang "too much coffee" voice! Partly Stang's fault, being toilety. Wei and coffee. Stang's 1st cup of coffee. Coffee fiends. They can fix your personality with needles in yr brain, Dave. Lobotomy humor. Stimulates lost memories or, better, memories that never happened. The message of The Supernatural Bowl. HOLES & SHAPES continued. Ideas they bought into before they HAD teeth. Mind was once leather, now dry cracker. Bowl hole. Math porn, reading from Chaotic Fishponds. Stephen Hawking's sex life as described in Playboy. Stang envies those in iron lungs - could watch videos all day. Get $ for being a crazy person? Doctors won't give Stang good pills because he's the wrong kind of crazy. McMurphy's Law vs. Nurse Ratched's Rule. We're all in an insane asylum -- DUH! Dave's mind is like trying to braid chimp armpit hair without getting beat up. Chimp armpit braiding all the way down for this show, this Church. Not male domunated. Connie was a dancer in Poland. Polish names and pickles. Stang mispronounces -- because deaf, doesn't know how to pronounce things. "Chasm," "fragile," "examine," "misled." Mowed the lawn of cliches, where's our lawn bag for cliches? "I want it to be more funner." Dildo Valerie and Bunny Day's various nudist costumes at X-Day. The sausage sex goddess costumes at 1997 X-Day Drill. Body parts confusion of sex goddesses. Mathematics of holes and end of HoSlack outro. Hendrix music from "Bob". The "Oh" in Hole and Dennis Murphy. End fade-out - Dave outors his innie. Jimi ends.

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