Hour of Slack #1457 - Stang's Tree-Raping Problem (Live 2014-3-23)


Stang got into one of his fits from reading the comments that follow Yahoo news articles, and interrupted the flow of Captain Beefheart songs covered by women, and collages by Xister, to once again read the actual words of Yahoo Yay-Hoos in various doofus accents. Luckily, Lonesome Cowboy Dave called in, getting Stang's mind off the death of Death Valley and back onto a bunch of insane nonsense. Also discussed: Velikovsky. Ancient Giants of Ohio. The secret SubGenius Nude Selfies facebook pages. "The culture of poverty" among rural whites. God Hates FAQs but invented math. Eating feet on Friday; consuming soles. Climate Science according to the Yay-Hoos of Yahoo.

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1 Radio Eris - Apes Ma     01:15

2 LeMur: HOS Intro #877 - Spinning Fanfare     00:31

3 LeMur:PR Gnus #1703     01:00

4 King of Siam - Orange Claw Hammer     04:34

5 Rev. Xister - masque of the red bob pt03     01:10

6 Essra Mohawk - Party o SpecialThings2Do    04:08

7 Live - Tree Raper rant 08:04

Stang credits Captain Beefheart and Mama Kangaroos: Philly Women Sing Captain Beefheart, mystery gift from Puzzling Evidence. We watched IMAX UNDERSEA, sad ending with carbon dioxide and acid rain; dibs on Great Barrier Reef and Death Valley. Even Death Valley dying. Stang's tree-raping problem. Reading Yahoo comments on climate change. 5 comments reposted 5 times by 5 different people.


Stang discusses the horror of the naughty selfies secret SubGenius facebook pages. 08:04


8 Rev. Xister - MoS-News Radio in Clerkenwel pt 1 03:34


9 Live with Stang, Wei at WCSB. CD in background is Steve Bagsby in Tulsa, Tallaheeny Hula (slack key guitar?), Easter island Devo hats. Where's Dave? Princess Wei had a bad day; frozen okra. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in and discusses his lack of a snout. Dave and Wei on his snout. His old factory glands. Antidote to expensive placebos. Selling Dave the Magic Blessed Fountain of Youth Water to get his snout working again. Sometimes Dave doesn't make sense. Jimmy Carter says he's afraid his email is being read. But they're reading his snail mail too. Stang reads Yahoo news comments: "Every commenter here will be taken to concentration camps soon" - "Obama hell" - "To the potus all that is evil is good." Reduced food stamps not very "socialist." Granny gets searched but not StangDoe, to not be unfair to terrorists. At airport x-ray they laugh at your figure. The horror of the SubGenius secret nude selfies page for the NSA. They don't want to see yours, they just want to show theirs. Yahoo comment that "anything you photocopy becomes a secret file" - the fine print that owns your work. "Everyone who posts on Yahoo will be in a camp." "God bless this country nad the nutburgers." Lenten assumption of the Greek Fish Fry. The SubG eat Feet on Friday -- the soles of the feet of Christian children! Wei back in good mood. God made everything perfect - he invented math; He has 10 fingers, 10 toes. Bodies of giants found in Ohio! Cyclops skeletons? Indian heathens, giants, God's work. They lived 900 years and had Adamic diet. Gravity was lighter because Earth wasn't so fat. The modern giants are giant across instead of up. Even our exercise machine makes fun of us, scolds us. The government made someone gave us that Wii so I'd lose interest in subversive SubGenius Church and waste time on video games. Who's playing ME? Who's pulling the string pullers? The Big Bang proves God must go to the bathroom now and then. Velikovsky's theories of the Moon, Pappy and Velikovsky. Pappy doesn't vote in the same magical system as I do. Tinfoil hats work. Bogotry against Southerners. "People are poor because of their CULTURE... not rural white people who are poor, just city black people" - Gog, Magog and Tobor. "Don't make fun of m' Elvis." Arkansanianisms overheard by Sterno in Little Rock diners. Dave soliloquoy on Americanisms. Pastor Phelps' funeral. God hates FAQs. Time to go, yet Dr. Sinister is not here but the hour is up! Internet listeners will probably get an extra 10 minutes of this show. Dave soliloquoy on hard world snake. I did the station ID but edited it out! Let us look into the future. 35:38


10 Voices of Africa - Abba Zabba 03:25

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