Hour of Slack #1458 - Funny Hendrix and Woman Beefhearts (Live 2014-3-30)


Jimi Hendrix could be a real funny guy, and this show is dedicated to FUNNY HENDRIX. And, unless you're a victim of Hendrixmania, you probably haven't heard these versions of these songs. We even have Hendrix PREACHING. Our man in Dobbstown, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, found a huge mess of rare Hendrix in "Bob's" vaults, recordings unheard since 1970 -- these are the funniest and/or most surrealistic. When Lonesome Cowboy Dave called in, The Conspiracy broke the phone bank, so we had to make comedy routines about our technical impediments again. So we played more Rare Funny Hendrix and three more songs from "Mama Kangaroo: Philly Women Sing Captain Beefheart."

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1 Genie Magic Record TITLE 00:49

2 Hendrix live clip - Humans AND you people 00:15

3 Hendrix live clip - Toilet Paper 00:49

4 Jimi Hendrix (out-take) - Belly Button Window 02:18

5 Hendrix Elvis Imitation, Blue Sway Shoes, w/ Stang cred, explanation 02:02

6 Jimi Hendrix - Catastrophe 00:35

7 Jimi Hendrix - Mr. Bad Luck (from WCSB album) 02:55

8 Jimi & Buddy Miles rowdy (Band of Gypsys Rehearsals) 00:59

9 Jimi Hendrix - The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice [ Mono] 04:17


10 Live @ WCSB with StangDoe - Cryptonom Reading, Dave calls in 10:02

Over some great Hendrix instrumentals, Stang reads from Neal Stephenson's CYPTONOMICON ("Stupendous Badasses of Evolution" from the 2nd chapter) - Discusses Hendrix collections - West Coast Seattle Boy = "WCSB" - Dave calls in - Statement on OverMan Credits - Hendrix and X-Day - The Electric Sky Church - Hendrix in Dallas - Mister Bad Luck - Phone problems


11 Jimi Hendrix - My Friend (alternate) 03:56


12 Live - Daves Imp. Message 07:29

Wei on crunchy noise - Dave calls back, still bad line noise - Dave's Important Message's Foreskin - Strange Phone Noises - sound effects on Voodoo Child and next song:


13 Jimi Hendrix - Calling All Devil's Children 02:34

14 Jimi Hendrix/Lemur - Hound Dog mixed with PR Gnus 1701 02:46

15 Kiss Kiss Kill - Lick My Decals Off baby 03:03

16 Rev. Xister - Parody Zone - Bob murder 01:57

17 Live -Cryptonomicon reading #2 04:23

Credits - Stang reads more from CRYPTONOMICON: Lawrence Waterhouse's Epiphany about the Organ  (over Hendrix "New Risen Sun")


18 Lisa Christ Superstar - Plastic Factory 02:43

19 LeMur: PR Gnus #1700 00:23

20 Live: End, with Hendrix instrumentals - LONG 14:52


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