Hour of Slack #1463 - Headlines (Live May 5 '14) + Rudy Schwartz Project


Apparently one obese phone repair guy with the crack of his ass showing is more powerful than a vast army of vindictive spirit-world prank-callers. (A jealous kook informed us that WCSB's phone problems of last month were caused by his imaginary spirit-buddies' anger at us.) "Don't EVER mess with the blue collar ass crack!!" -- Rev. Heathen. Anyway, we play another great Papa Joe Mama sermon, three more brand new songs from The Rudy Schwartz Project, a little Puzzling Evidence, and then the rest of the show is the Stang-Doe-LCD Jabber Machine. Stang recites many funny headlines off the site rawstory.com, which specializes in gathering examples of poebucker dumbassitude from Christian TV preachers, extremist political "pundits" and other folks wearing Mockery Bull's Eyes on their foreheads. About half of the dumbassery comes from Fox "news" show hosts and panels. We should probably be ashamed of ourselves, because, well, it's TOO EASY. "These gags write themselves."

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1 LeMur: HOS Intro #869 - The Slack Hour 00:21

2 The Rudy Schwartz Project: TraLaLaLa - My Prostate Gland 03:42

3 LeMur: PR Gnus #1716 00:56

4 The Rudy Schwartz Project: Bring Back The Old Sock Days 04:52

5 The Puzzling Evidence Show: Dinosaurs and Monsters 00:18

6 Papa Joe Mama - How to Prepare for the End Times 05:09

7 The Rudy Schwartz Project: In Cucamonga 03:37

8 The Puzzling Evidence Show: Monster Pipe Dobbshead 01:55

9 Stang, Doe, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Live on WCSB 5-4-2014 35:11

Original Dave Man calls in. Meaning of "Herry"? The pursuit is what counts even if you are a loser. Homelessness outlawed in Florida. Early history of Australia as a penal colony. God will never forget what the british did. Every culture gets their moment. Has Lemur been editing Dave's tongue?  Been reading headlines, not articles (from rawstory.com). J. Edgar's hoovering. Various quotes from Fox news and stories about Fox news stories. Hebrew deity "Chinooka." Dave riding his shoes. Dave is sorry but he is forgivan. More rawstory.com headlines. National Front. Dave is sorry again. "When you die you shut up like hell!" Fishing for the Stark Fish of Removal. Whole Foods is a store for Rich White People. "Whatevs." Stang finishes the credits. We're ALL sorry. Credits. Ruday Schwartz Project as someone who goes where the finger points rather than sucking on the finger like MOST Zappa fans. Stang rant about psuedo-intellectual excuses for losers to think they're smart cause they're fans of somebody they were TOLD was smart by somebody who was either lying or DUMB. Dave cough comedy, Stang Walter Brennan "Dukie" imitation. The look of being sorry. Dave's cough-voice talk -- like insane audio filter -- COUGH TALK examples. Every listener will catch Dave's cough. More headlines reading. IPhones used as guns. Don't shoot a cyclops. Urinating on the 3rd Rail. Give Dave a tracheotomy with a ballpoint pen. Dave's electric D-cup head-bras. Dave sounds like Pig Man. Credits: background music by MAYAN RUINS "Temple of Ancient Dub." Dupa Music - butt music, a plotzy sound. Stang throat singing. Weird voice effects. Dave: People's primordial fear of ice cream men - stuttered-up voice weirdness. Dave's nostrils could use a shave. The body-mod of a goatee that grows up through your nostrils, sinuses and out your mouth. Washing would be tricky. My original fashion ideas to help doughy sissies look like they don't care how they look to others. New fashions for impressionable kids - weaving skin in basket patterns, losing last joint of little finger. Dave calls Stang a Grand Poofter. Stang admits to being many kids' grandpas. Couldn't buy your coolness back then, had to grow it. Stang's dream that he got drunk and cut off his 25-year-long ponytail. Skin-head white supremacists - Pink supremacists. SKULL HEADS.

10 RawStory.com Credit 00:12

11 Rev. Xister: forest of bob - spoken live at MoS - bob smarts 03:30

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