Hour of Slack #1464 - A Pineapple Corer for Your Head


We again harvest the classic rants of Papa Joe Mama and the new album from The Rudy Schwartz Project (of which the outgoing WCSB show host asked, "Is that Zappa?"). We also hear some old ESO Radio from when StangDoe and LCD had younger-sounding voices, and some old Puzzling Evidence. But then Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in and, well, there's just no way to summarize that conversation. It truly went all the hell over the place.

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1 Want To Believe 00:17

2 Show Title 00:42

3 Like To Teach The World 00:19

4 LeMur: PR Gnus #1711 00:53

5 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Typical Philadelphia Splat 04:13

6 mess.mp3 00:20

7 One Purpose In Life 00:22

8 cultural relativity_theory 00:23

9 Intriguing 00:22

10 bob followed through - $13g 00:14

11 Laws of God and Man 00:12

12 Not Just For Republicans 00:16

13 Puzzling Evidence - Center of the Earth 00:32

14 ESO Radio 6-14-2001-2A-Open 04:35

15 LoneCowDave(evangela) 00:04

16 Tim Leary-Not My Fault 00:18

17 Too Late - No! MH-13 dialog 00:22

18 Papa Joe Mama: We Shall Overcome 05:31

19 The Rudy Schwartz Project - A Better Tomorrow 02:17

20 LeMur: PR Gnus #1708 00:13

21 k LIVE TRACK WCSB May 11 2014 35:22

LCDave calls in with Alien Smegma Pie - credits RSP, PJM, etc. - hard to hear over the forehead sounds - Origins of Wu Wei (Chinese philosophy) - The Duh, The Wee, The Oo Way and the D u u u u - Goat Riders in the sky, waiting to take over - There Will Come a Stranger - Pineapple Corer used on the head to core out the brain center and ship it to "Bob" - they take out a whole inch so you won't miss it. The brainleak drips smell awful after a while. Brainleak in state of Mischigan vs. State of Confusion (of which Dave is the Capitol). We're either in a spaceship or in a vat thinking we're on a spaceship. Ukelele players in Heaven/space. Duke of Uke. Many reasons why The Hour of Slack can never ever work on "real" radio stations, prime time, commercial - we just wouldn't fit into their format. Reincarnation and Hour of Slack reruns -- a person might hear HoS #51 in 3 different lives, being rerun. Three lifetimes as SubGeniuses! Can't quote Janor; we sold him to the fake Canadian Bob, and then they hated each other. Country fried steak, chicken fried steak, Waffle House. The Superman music in the background -- not Steve, Christopher, but George Reeves. The suicide of George Reeves and how us kids talked about it. Bela Lugosi reading the 23rd Psalm. "COUNT JESUS," Stang's mashup of DRACULA and The New Testament. Matthew, Mark, Luke & John and Mary Magdalene had to kill Count Jesus, who was turning everyone into Nazarenes. It's okay to describe the process but not to read the story. Dallas movie director Larry Buchanan and his movies, The Rebel Jesus, Mars Needs Women, Zontar Thing from Venus, Down on Us (with fake Hendrix music and fake Jim Morrison poetry (read by Stang on Rudy Schwartz Project album)) - albums that Stang is on: Negativland Christianity Is Stupid. Clyde Lewis using media barrages with Negativland. Ahead/behind of our time. "30 B.C." and Johnny Parker becoming born-again, "B.C." started to suck. Why reprinting PEANUTS and not LIL ABNER? Women of Peanuts/Li'l Abner - Playboy "Girls of Lil Abner" with dwarf Mountie girls - Rev. Televangela and "Lonecow Dave" - Lonesome "Swineboy" Dave" - Yankees can't tell if between cow, horse, sheep - Our experience with the people who didn't know what a sheep is - Superman could cook a live sheep with his X-Ray vision - like microwaving a cat alive. Did the young Superman torture animals with his heat vision? SUPERMAN VS. CARRIE. Darth Vader Vs. Jurassic Park. Bulldada Dave-Stangdoe baumfaller cheese. We can make this show better by ending it. No pot smoking in radio stations like the old days, since 9-11. Listeners: "What? They're NOT smoking pot?" Post-neo-modern end of show. 

22 Monster URL end 01:01

23 MHigh SFX 00:22

24 The Psycho Skeletons - Mars Base 01:59

25 Superman

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