Hour of Slack #1465 - Getting Out of the Hospital with "Bob"


The first third of this episode is Part One of a trippy ALL-"BOB" SPECIAL from Rev. Susie the Floozie's show, "Bob's" Slacktime Fun House, originally broadcast on WREK Atlanta. After that we're live in the WCSB studio. Dave calls in and everything goes to Hell, because the main subject matter ended up being the recent injuries and illnesses that seem lately to have been hitting damn near everyone we know. Perhaps we should announce that listening to The Hour of Slack brings bad luck. On the other hand it might simply be LACK OF FAITH IN "BOB," although we kinda doubt that. Anyway, lucky for us, misery is apparently funny.

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1 Rev. Susie the Floozie's "Bob" Special Part 1 19:03

Song "Light Up" - Stang, Susie intros - Signs of the times collage - "Bob" collage - Susie on "Bob" - Youth of "Bob" Collage with very bizarre Milk for Bobbie; Young "Bob" on the Moon


2 Live at WCSB with Stang, Doe, Lonesome Cowboy Dave

Stang credits Susie, describes her show and archives - LCDave calls in, land phone HEALED! - as opposed to the many sickenings, friends in hospital - Rev. Pockets facebooking from the Emergency Room with help of Medicine Water - Don't be sorry, Dave - Wei's skull removal - Class of '71 deaths - calls from ghosts - Somebody's still alive -- a miracle! "It'll never happen to me" - Opthalmic or Ocular Migraines of Stang and others - Dave's Disappearing Face which is perfect for radio - the Large Mammals and Time Control problem - everybody but us is in the hospital - Wei on narcotics after the dentist - Let us B.S. the sickness out - laying on of sledgehammers - one man's bummer - Spanish Dave - ScrubGenius discussion about "sending good vibes" - VERY COOL SOUNDING WARPAGE OF DAVE CELL PHONE SOUND - Wei was at the Mark Hossler Street Fair - sending good vibes fine unless it replaces doing something - changing rules of CPR - bad air weirdness - Fukushima worries - General Public's music video of Dave's "Iodine 131" - Godzilla, movies with lots of cars underwater - Are we alive, or in jars, hallucinating? - All in yr mind until you stub yr toe, "I didn't build that" -Involuntary Slack - need a degree just to gawk - As long as I don't remember anything, it's all cool! - The System is about punishment, not reform - Susie did the prosyletizing earlier - The Universal Chorus - besides people getting sick, the insane people are extra agitated this week; crazy message-leavers on the increase - the hundred-page kook email 777 x 3 - "Ivan Stang's Very Demonic" - having fun in the hospital getting trepanated. Dave's phone sounds so good now it's like porn. Dave left a present in the studio - a maggoty brain. Message to Rev. Pockets: we don't think she's crazy THAT WAY. Dave hears naked people. Princess Wei is already at Starwood Festival - details of Starwood. Penn Jillette vs Magnus. Magnus's house in Las Vegas and The Valley of Fire. The cool wrinkled West vs. the sad flat East. How utterly boring is the Midwest. Driving across Nebraska and Kansas -- can it be THAT FLAT? Interstate in KY and TN: same animated tree and field over and over again forever. All 3 interesting places in Texas: Devil's places. 5 minutes left, thank God/"Bob". Stang's been fighting opthalmic migraine this whole show. Like what they say LSD is like. Dave and TRON. The formula for remakes of old crap -- SubG remake due in 2047. Basis of "Gojira." Funny details in the Godzilla movie. Bid you adieu-dieu.


3 LeMur's PR Gnus #1709 00:16

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