Hour of Slack #1468 - Connie's Funny Noise Show on Dave's Ark


This episode starts with a colossal Connie collage by Rev. Susie the Floozie, done back in the old days before people got so suspicious of Mrs. Dobbs. That's 20 minutes of song and dance, and a little killing. The show ends with the end of Susie's "Bob"/Connie show. In between, Stang, Doe & Dave the Lonesome Cowboy go at it. The word "tattoon" is coined. The Koch Brothers and Africanized Killer Deer are discussed, but not together. Dave recounts his punk rock years. We prove that the Duck Dynasty guys are Muslims. There is a very detailed review of the movie "Dead Man." And, there are funny noises!

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1 Lemur:PR Gnus #1723     00:48

2 King Dinosaur MST3K Connie-Bob Lines 00:11

3 Rev. Susie's Connie collage 16:56

4 Lemur: PR Gnus #1725 00:54


Credits Lemur, Susie - new mic needs name - what if listener calls instead of Dave? "It's all good." I'm the proof that it's not all good. Dave can't punch anyone because his hands too artistic. Don't tattoo your palms! Tattoos on sensitive places. Only the very old and very young are tattooless now. Dave's third tattoo phase. Tattoons. The Illustrated Legume. Stang doesn't know, because he's old. Tries not to be cool. Sometimes I accidentally seem to look like I'm trying to be cool. I'll shut up for 2 seconds. Ramen stye pool noodles. Dave's Ark. Hairy children of the jungle = WCSB station meeting. W.C. Fields S. B. !!  The bar in The Flats destroyed by insane people, the elderberries vs the stoneheads. Neocoms = neocommies disguised as Republicans disguised as Christians disguised as humans. Get onto my cloud. Koch Brother and Stalin and "COCK" brothers. Pappy Cock and Pappy Bush. WCSB = Water Closet Sum Bitch. If it's not a word you can say it on the radio. Stanguage talk. Funny words. Africanized Killer Deer, public hunt. The hobo skeletons wrapped around deer skeletons, mummified, chewing on twigs. Shamans wearing animal skulls, skins -- skull of world cup golfer - Our heads are too big for our feet. Dave guitar lessons. Background music: Roqueville Orchestra Performs Hits of the Rolling Stones. "Mangie" sung by Stang. Dave's and ESO's version of Sympathy for the Devil. Dave the rock star. Dave as Fox News commentator. Conservative, Liveral, and Dave. Gotta learn to talk more American and say "Narsisstic." He just seems like a Muslim. Quoting "Muslime" comments re: Bergdol dad -- DUCK DYNASTY guys must be Muslamics! And ZZ TOP! Sick how Sikhs get shot. The gay pagan Nazi socialist communinist Masons. Masons wear fez -- like Morrocans, must be Muslimes! The "I'm sorry" prediction. "Political paucity." Stang does jowl-shaking Rush Limbaugh impression, gets dizzy from jowl-shaking. Cats making EYIYIYISubG sound. THE FUNNY NOISE SHOW. Dave does Funny Noise Show ad! "Seems like Stang's just rushing through these shows!" Show sloppy now because Stang said TO HELL WITH IT. Confused Percy Shelleystein thing. 3 "I'm sorry"s so far. DEAD MAN by Jim Jarmusch and William Blake... remembering best parts of DEAD MAN. (DETAILED REVIW) Dr. Dark's Drive In at X-Day. Dave can do the X-Day strip tease pole dance. Hideous image of Dave as pole while Stang pole dances. (The 4th I'm sorry.") The Puppy Dog dance. Stang and Dave never heard of twerking, Miley Cyrus. Wei twerks. SubG time control = old people being out of it. All the new fangled movie formats - 3D, animal style, smothered, etc. - end of show sudden end.

6 Rev. Susie's "Bob" show Part 3b - with End URL 05:16

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