Hour of Slack #1469 -- Praying Is For Sissies (16X-Day and Starwood 2013)


We're using up some of the nifty but heretofore unplayed location recordings made at 16X-Day and Starwood last year. There are parts of Rev. Stang's Starwood 34 sermon -- mostly the parts where he read rants by others (such as Onan Canobite), and some "documentary" material recorded at the giant bonfire. Some funny on-and-offstage moments prompted by the rainstorms of 16X-Day are played, even though they might help keep attendance down. We hear two rants by Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, three Amino Acids tunes and one Psycho "Skeletoon." Then, Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in, and you can probably guess what happens -- IF YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL, THAT IS!

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1 Stang Starwood sermon - Operation Clean Sweep 01:07

2 The Large HoS Not Normal Intro 01:23

3 bobgland rant by GGG 01:04

4 HoSa Show start- Rain Delays 00:31

5 Rain at 16X-D 00:14

6 Hos2z w BB&Susie-It's Raining!- 00:54

7 Wet Shoes of Wei 00:33

8 Rain but they're drunk and partying 00:32

9 Ayiyivan Stang & Princess Wei 00:10

10 Intro-credits 00:42

11 Stang at Starwood 13-Intro 03:17

12 The Amino Acids - Run Human Run 01:14

13 Stangwood 1c - Sun of God Dont Shine  01:32

14 The Psycho Skeletons - Demonstration w cred 01:35

15 Stangwood 13-Onan's Show Up Rant 06:20

16 The Amino Acids - Mr. Lu_ 01:34

17 Starwood Bonfire location recordings 02:29

18 Monster High -13 Wishes - Dialog 01:04

19 Catty Noir - Magic Carpet Ride 01:17


21 Stang, Doe, Dave: Live Track 6-15-2014 27:30

RSP music under credits, intro. Dave slinks in. Suspect suspenders. Mankind is Canned Mind spelled sideways - meant to be slaves. Elevator music of the gods. Dave's orgasm with an orange. Stang plugs the XXX-Rated Internet-Only show, #1469.5 X. The cuss-rants of the SubGenii. Those words are made to take us to the world beyond. Clockwork Orange! Orgasms! Several Clockwork Orange drug explanations. Urine-soaked SubG posters waiting for eBay sales. Strange ape-cutting talk. George Washington and African American Slave Ladies -- okay to show THEIR tits. The American History Lady and Dave. Are we still slaves? No. We have options. We can die; slaves can't. Turn the world's problems into a comedy show and trivialize them! John Judge quote about Church. "People, yeah, people, sure... but THIS!" We ARE as political as a Saturday morning cartoon. The stupidity of the SubG vs. the Normal. The slippery nature of intelligence -- we as Subs can't recognize geniuses. The greatest stuff would sound like nattering college radio to a non-genius. We kin kill enybody who's smarter or dumber than us. Instead of fighting Con or geniuses, it's Holocaustals vs. Ivangelicals, Bobites vs. Connietites. Cheaper to attack. $2/hour would be a step up for me. Izzat right, Rev. McLuhan? Your mind and Stang's right ear -- falling apart. A golden tooth fell from Stang's ear.  Quaites vs. Quakers. Background music: the Two Daves Jam at 9X-Day. Getting Dave to X-Day -- rush hour in tiny Amish town. "I know nothing." Dave's violent read-me. Stang had to quit doing those head-colors neck-shrinking stuff. Swimming in a miasma of synesthesia all the time! The taste of colors. The sacred PO Box. X-Day and Starwood offer FOOD! We have to go; Dave already went.

22   The Amino Acids - The Satanic Rites of Connie Dobbs 02:48

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