Hour of Slack #1472 - The Day Before X-Day - Dr. Hal @ WCSB, July 6


Herein we combine the incredible collage work of Rev. Susie the Floozie and a barely more credible live broadcast from WCSB-Cleveland featuring special guest Dr. Hal with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Dr. Sinister and hosts Stang & Doe, both originally broadcast the weekend before 17X-Day. Rev. the Floozie's tour-de-force took her weeks to edit, whereas the live Cleveland show ate up a mere half hour. Despite the sad punchline -- the world didn't end, obviously -- this pre-X-Day show demonstrates the sweet, trusting faith of the SubGenius Elder Hierarchites that all unbelivers will die. Little did we know how bitterly our glowing hopes would be dashed against the cold, spikey rocks of yet another hard reality. There is supreme irony in the subsequent events, the recordings of which will be heard in upcoming episodes.

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1 Lemur: HOS Intro #858 - Burnin' Down the HOS 00:16

2 Stang Intro 00:13

3 Susie's X-Day Collage 1 02:58

4 Susie's X-Day Collage  2 02:10

5 Susie's X-Day Collage 3 07:03

6 Susie's X-Day Collage  4 13:02

7 Live Track 6-29-2014 29:49


In the WCSB studio: Dr. Hal, special guest; Lonesome Cowboy Dave; hosts Rev. Ivan Stang and Princess Wei 'R.' Doe


We tried to warn them! Lovecraft quotes (from Papa Joe's new card set (monsterwax.com)). 17X-Day promos re: guests: Ask Johnny Depp. "Explanation" of Susie's collage work. X-Day horror talk; sac swollen, Slack swollen. Horrible weather predicted for Wisteria area; Stang expects blizzard.  Historic X-Day lightning strikes and Frankensteinian SubG work. Fear of Sex Gods three-ways. "Bob" is the Arne Saknussem of the mind. Dave finally breaks through. Stang accidentally smoked all of Hal's native soil. Getting high on monsters and X-Day. Abdul Personality returns. Normies vs. monsters. The Isis cult's new country. Hail Hydra! Lovecraftian "Bob" details. The Mayor of Squaretown vs. X-Day. Raising the dead a la Ivan Lovecraft. Sexy organs and electricity. Burning! Harken, humans! Pass the onionition. The Past vs. the Future! The smoke of the Frop riseth up to heaven as "Bob" exhales or passeth His ammunition. We fall in love with our jailers -- imprisoned by our lack of imagination. Stang recollects Lovecraftian X-Day of the past. Dr. Sinister enters. Render unto Pee Dog that which is Pee Dog's. Prosperity Gospel. Walk this way in a stupor of the Lord. The existence of the Dollar proves there is a God. God, money as conceptual forces. Hal's hoof and dirt disease or rather reversion. Can they still be saved? As soon as that Paypal button is pushed. Prophecy of The Fire Age. End of world AND this show. Next week/next 10 minutes show will continue.


8 Susie's X-Day Collage  04:04

9 Susie's X-Day Collage  END 00:46


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