Hour of Slack #1483 - A Plain Old Regular Show (DEVO Covers, Leipzig 2, Misc. Everything!)


Well, we really did it this time -- we did another show. A relatively "normal" show by recent standards, mixing music, collage, PR Gnus, live-on-the-air spouting with the cowboy -- you know, a regular plain old Hour of Slack. (We'll be back to rough-hewn X-Day recordings next week!) There are a few last location reports from Leipzig, Germany by StangDoe, a new Psycho Skeletons tune, and a whole lot of Reagan's Polyp, which, if you don't know, maybe you'd better pick up on. Also, DEVO COVER TUNES -- just a smattering so far from the latest compilation of such things, the "Not Necessarily Beautiful But Mutated" CD, Volume 10! (Including "Blockhead" done by Rural War Room!) Incidentally, the German-language clips at the beginning are from the first big Captain America movie, but dubbed in German. The Nazi ranting is by The Red Skull. Don't blame us!

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1 LeMur - 13013 Spanish 00:13

2 Disneyland  Mission To Mars HoS Title 00:55

3 LeMur - PR Gnus #1734 00:14

4 Reagan's Polyp - Chicken Bone Love Fetish X 01:56

5 Capn America 00:17

6 Rural War Room - Blockhead 03:30

7 Reagan's Polyp - Delicious Little Candies 00:09

8 Red Skull Heil Hitler 00:38

9 Crazy Fake German Talk 00:25

10 CREDITS, explan 01:41

11 Reagan's Polyp - 1-900-Monkeybutt (inst) 02:31

12 Reagan's Polyp - My Latest Obsession 01:04

13 LeMur - PR Gnus #1753 00:56

14 Blank Men - Going Under 03:34

15 Outside the Stassi Museum 01:22

16 Jingle Bells-O Tannenbaum with Rev. Tanya's bro Sasha 01:07

17 Reagan's Polyp - Nestle Up in Yr Clammy 00:34

18 The Psycho Skeletons - Kit 700 1 00:55

19 Pimpel Park 01:42

20 Fake German 00:29

21 Next to Last Walk in Liepzig 00:46

22 Abfarht 00:37

23 Malcolm Tent - Devo Was Right 02:36

24 Live Track 2014-9-14 28:24

Credits for the various songs - Dave calls in re spurious interchanges. Back when the spheres were all round. Evolution is going in both direcytions - DEVO was right - we Emergentile Morlocks vs. the Rewardian Eloi. Stopping to hear Brandenburg Concerto #5 (Allegro), sounds like a duck in a car to Dave. The online streaming listeners' flags displayed. Worldwide church. WAKE UP, BUCKKY! SubG sleep patterns. Wei and Stang just sleep for 5 days between shows. The listener is in a coma imagining they're hearing this show. Hope the nurses notice the beeping getting slower - rants on typical hospitals - SubG works same as doctors, we sell snake oil and the antidote to the other placebos: "Bob." Slouch mixed with Slack. Old fat guys hooking up with young fillies at X-Day. Stang's birthplace (not Texas). Child of Southerners - southern CT and Southern S. Carolina. Yankees. THIS world's world wars, not the other ones - Martian war etc. - colostomy performed BY Martian, not ON Martian. If you become one of the Martians' pets they will give you health care and food. They have good vets. We are pets of the Conspiracy, or rather the spuds. The Con is the tater farmer and we're the taters. Rev. Tater Gumfries, the young bumfree. Dave tried being a young bumfree. Stang is mean; Dave has no hope. Need to humiliate world leaders to death. Must de-throne or de-office them. Putin in a poof hair. Strange Dave talk (stranger than usual). We won't be followed by Dr. Sinister anywhere but here -- trying to remember the sister stations' call letters - also it's time for us to be paid - The Large is a rock star now - his club DJ work, 3 hour file - The Large is fun and can imitate Dave doing different accents in a Finnish accent. Don't ever show signs of disgust on the air, not with the show or equipment or listeners, just with the callers. The producer is J. R. "Bob" Dobbs! The Abatoir of Slack! Even though we just dither. Listener is expected to google "subgenius" and read our books, which are the GOOD part. Gotta wrap this baby up. "You are dressed up like a mummy right now, because you punch yourself in the nose." Sign out.

25 End of German Practice 00:45

26 Lemur - Batman #2 01:06

27 LeMur - PR Gnus #1755 01:17

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