Hour of Slack #1486 - 17X-Day "B.O.4" - Grow Your Own Penis


Once again we offer a cross section of best songs and rants from the 17X-Day Drill stage, mixed with some Devo covers from the latest NNBBM compilation: Dr. Hal, Andrew the Impales, Mutant Mountain Boys, Priestess Pisces, Evolution Control Committee, Milnar, Sunflower Saints, Psycho Skeletons, Reagan's Polyp. Dave calls in late, feeling poorly, so we and the listeners "pray" for him. We announce the new SubGenius Bandcamp site and three upcoming devivals or otherwise Sub-centric parties. There is a discussion about the dangers of non-Frop drugs, and a reaction to the news of lab-grown penii. Some dare call it surrealism. We call it Morealism.

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1 Lemur: PR Gnus #1752 00:37

2 Norel Pref (?) - HOS intro 6 - Pipe O' Dobbs 01:45

3 Dr. Hal - Bob Comes Creepin 01:39

4 Andrew The Impaled - New Freak Nation X+ 04:47

5 The Mutant Mountain Boys - A Frop Farm In The Valley+ 03:48

6 Priestess Pisces - Ranting About Ranting at XDay X 02:42

7 Milnar - Mongoloid 02:57

8 ECC - Porkchops 01:01

9 6-Fisted Tails of Connie: The Call For Beer short 03:04

10 Credits 02:54

Live: Stang credits the 17X-Day recordings: Hal, Andrew, MMB, Pi, Milnar, ECC, 6-Fisted Tails.

11 Lemur: PR Gnus #1751 00:32

12 Little Space Humans 03:08

13 Reagan's Polyp - Erotic Dream of Red Chamber X 00:47

14 Sunflower Saints - Shrivel Up 03:23

15 Live WCSB 26:35

Live 2014-10-6

"Plug Lord" by The Psycho Skeletons in background. Stang gives credits, then 6 Fisted Tails music and description. You can now download SubG music albums from SubGenius Bandcamp. Brief history of the albums. Shout out to the other stations that carry HoS. Subgenius.com for links. Slight little change at subgenius.com. Mention of the best Facebook SubG pages. Upcoming devivals: NE Ohio Witches Ball Oct. 18 - ARISE! and sermon. Dave calls in. Dave not feeling well, Stang calls for prayer session, heal Dave by acubeating him with your thoughts. Helped Dave but broke Stang. At least two balls - WCSB Ball on Nov. 1. December 6 Ohio Devival in Kent with bands Milnar, Aminos, preachers. Dave's always sick but his car always confused. We don't know how The Rules work. Dave and the planet are sick. "Life is just Ebola cherries." Facebook ripoffs. (Music changes to Nino Rota.) Bad painkiller problems among Mormons in Utah -- funny because the Mormons are perfect and don't do drugs. "My dog ate my last prescription." Drs. Full of pus and vinegar. Our doctor only tells us to exercise and eat right - no pils! Boner of contention: our health system and bad docs. Wouldn't be a problem except they run out of pills and start robbing. When Stang was young, learned lesson and had throat removed to break habits. We're just jealous of those pill-heads, but we're 160 and the ones who didn't learn are all dead. We have lots of dead friends - fun because they don't nag you about your drinking problem. Wow, barrel of laffs tonight. People who would never smoke pot or drink will still take the doctor pill. Dave's voice sounds rough - gargling with gravel. Proud to be an American even though it sucks. If you're rich it's a great country. If you're in one of the countries we're trying to help, sure we're the Death Star. Not a workers utopia? Yahoo commenters blame Obabo for Ebola because Eboba made God angry so God is killing Africans. Anonymous Internet expert cowards expressing ignorance - more entertaining than the news itself. Funny news: they're growing penises in labs to attach to men with damaged or ambiguous genitalia. Great news for the one-penised. Water your penis every day. Must be your own penile cells or it won't attach. Sex-change operations on male infants with ambiguous genitalia. But the show is over! We'll save the penises for ya Dave. But Dave sounds better from the 10 listeners praying.

16 Monster Hunter 3U Quest Completed! 00:09

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