Hour of Slack #14888a - 17X-Day Mating/DEVO/ Special Guest Rev. Baby Bear (Dual Show, Part 1)


You could call this a two-hour Hour of Slack. Largely because we had a special guest for Hour of Slack (Rev. Baby Bear, fresh from 14 hours of Ask Dr. Hal and Puzzling Evidence shows), and because Dr. Sinister wandered in early and got on Mic 4, we ended up doing an extra hour of spouting and splavering, eating up the first hour of Radio Synaesthesia after a whole hour of Hour of Slack. I guess we will call this a Dual Show. The first half hour is music and a SubGenius wedding/divorce from 17 X-Day as well as two more DEVO covers from NNBBM Vol. 12. Musicians include The Mutant Mountain Boys, Rev. Angry Larry, Andrew the Impaled, Tommy Amoeba, Evolution Control Committee and Dr. Hal. Then the talking on WCSB begins, and bleeds over into the following show, Radio Synaesthesia, which we'll call 1488b or Part Two. Sorry, it's really hard not to make terrible Ebola jokes, references and conspiracy theories in this situation, and we hope God doesn't give us the Ebolas for making sport.

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow unless X-Day comes first.

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1 Stang Title 00:34

2 The Mutant Mountain Boys - Radiation Slack 04:12

3 Lemur: Best TV Western #1 00:44

4 Dr Hal - Bob Is My Story 02:22

5 Frigid Touch - Girl U Want 02:50

6 ShorDurMarriage And ShorDurDivorce 07:17

7 Occupant - Happy Guy 02:41

8 Andrew The Impaled - That Aint Cool Man 03:33

9 ECC - Hamburgers+ 00:44

10 Lemur: PR Gnus #1740 00:56

11 Tommy Amoeba - Viva Amoeba+ 01:50

12 Lemur: Best TV Western #3 00:26

13 Lemur: Best TV Western #4 00:40

14 HoS 14-10-19 29:37

15 Lemur: PR Gnus #1739 01:11

Live 10-19-"2014":

Stang introduces Lonesome Cowboy Dave to Rev. Baby Bear, gives credits. Things that don't come from "Bob": good luck, paychecks, refunds. The Smelly Feet Foundation. How Baby Bear got her name. When Baby Bear married her shirt. Being female is not a guarantee of good smell -- Asiago cheese pizza. BB's good mic habits and the cough buttons at KPFA. It's raining pumpkins out there. Pumpkin riots. Profiling jack-o-lanterns. Our jack-o-lantern fog idea. Bodily emmisions handed out qwith candy . Ebola jokes! Let's politicize it! "In Texas it's easier to get Ebola than an abortion." -- Dr. Sinister. These days can't play in blood or rub vomit on, or lick people. Ebola victim Halloween costumes. Need more conspiracy theories about Ebola. "Obabo did it." Why hypnotists stroke their goatees. The evil Dr. Mesmer. Stang's mentor in hypnosis. We saw a magician last night - he hypnotized the whole audience. At Witches Ball, masseuse in Living Dead drag. Double-mean baby-headed sculptures at thecementhead.com - that's our PSA. The winning costumes at Witches Ball. Furry Dragon, lesbian devil-angel. BB dressed as Jacket from Hot Line Miami. Hoped to see Monster High cosplay or She-Hulk. Lots of Wonder Women, some were even women. I'll see She-Hulk at WCSB Halloween Masquerade Ball! 1000 people in outrageous costume - but during SubG wedding of Rev. Organbeard and Catfeather. Saw the bearded organ on Facebook. Naked people at X-Day. The naked Lonesome Cowboy Dave. "I do look funny a little bit you know." "Let's dance in the village square, naked, urinating on the shoes of the clothed!"Whole reason to be a monkey is to throw poo. Cartoon pirates and parrots. Pittsburgh dialect. The living dead Pittsburgh card game. Dave knew bit actors in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. The Monster Bash con in Pittsburgh. I could lie and say "I'm that guy in that one scene." The sheep guts were rotten. "Bub" in DAY OF THE DEAD. Stang gives capsule review of GO GOA GONE -- very funny. Can't avoid zombies anymore. Jesus is a litch not a zombie. Now it's all zombies all the time. Mexican zombie movies sometimes had wrestlers. But it's the end of the show!

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