Hour of Slack #1490 A - Birth, Death, Rev. Baby Bear and The Diffi-Cult


We had a special guest in town, Rev. Baby Bear, and a nice stash of very good music that was screaming to be heard screaming. We played the music first (with some great new collagies by Mr. F. LeMur) and then let our hair down on the air, with some old monster movie music heard faintly in the background. There's some last-minute election humor plus some propaganda by Rev. Ivan "Comrade" Stang. A SubGenius birth and a SubGenius death, both "IRL," are announced; Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in, and from that point it's secret monkey factories all the way down. Musical bands include: The Amino Acids, Slackmaster Sarcastro, Pilgrim Speakeasy, Marc Friedman and Munky Hyv. See you on the Saucers, Pastor Phister Gaghol.

Because we stuck around for the Synaesthesia show, there is a Part 2 to this episode that will be released on Internet only (not broadcast stations) later this week.

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1  LeMur: HOS Intro #869 - Story Of _Bob_ 00:52

2 Dr. Hal, Stang, Pisces - DR Dark's DriveIn Virginity Loss 00:51

3 The Amino Acids - S.P.L. (Suppressive Persons Limited) 01:18

4 Slackmaster Sarcasstro - Obscurum Per Obscurius 02:27

5 LeMur: Best TV Western #5 00:27

6 Pilgrim Speakeasy - Roll Neck Sweater 05:25

7 LeMur: Best TV Western #6 00:29

8 Credits w Rudy Schwartz Project: Send in Chutwell 03:58

9 LeMur: Filthy Hole Toast 00:40

10 Marc Friedman - Blockhead 12/8 02:49

11 Stang: Birth and death announcement 02:32

12 Munky Hyv: Destination: Planet X 05:12

13 LIVE 2014-11-2 31:17

(Old Puzzling Evidence Show clip on the election being over and Dukakis winning - Hal & Philo.) Dave calls in to join StangDoe, Rev. Baby Bear. Baby Bear discusses the new super-hot sexy SubGenius girl on the SubGenius IRS channel, Rev. Cinnamon and how poor IRS kook "Michael Alcandor" will try to take her away from us. Julie Newmar & Susie the Floozie - best friends! Susie's tarantulas on her chest. The brain freeeze of 2012. The old timey SubG sexpot calendars. Dave was in the reptile section. Stang's magic hat and the magic snowflakes you get if you wear it. "Bob" delivered pizza. Iodine 131 pizza topping. The WCSB Masquerade Ball and Dave's permawave and permulator in Dave's brain. Perambulators. Stang brags about his experience moshing with the youths at the WCSB Ball while wearing his Monster Hunter cosplay armor -- youths slammed into Stang's solid metal Dobbsheaded shield. Moshing came late to Dallas. The 1980s - no moshing, washing or noshing. Meant to NOSH but ended up being tossed around by youths. "Ace of Spades" versions, Motorhead vs. moshers. Dave's drunken ancient punk stage dive, saved from beer bottle impailing. Rev. Heathen's petition to get Hawkwind into the R&R Hall of Fame. http://tinyurl.com/mk8faql or 1 - Mortal Kombat and MK1. Consarn it! Stuff and nonsense! Tarnation! The scariness of Disney's Pinnochio, pink elephants in DUMBO. Nuh-uh, you are. Dr. Sinister has wandered in -- his voice has a particular smell on his show Synaesthesia. We should be Pink Oil salesmen and sell to the Pinks. Stang defines "Pink." How to get ambergris from Pinks. Dave on Stang's secret laboratory and monkeys. Monkeys on the mind. The secret factories where monkeys sharpen sticks. Monkeys that "cook" and bees that ferment fruit. If you put a bee on Church Air it gets really slow and its antlers droop. Giant bees drunk on passion flower what-ev. What-ev vs. Ev. Now it's just "V." Dave wants to marry Canada. Who or what mounts the Mountees?  THE ELECTION and SubGeniuses. Why you should vote. Stang terrified of Republicans. Better be ready to bend over and take it. Our dufus impressions of right wing Yahoo commenters. 10 billion doofuses. The Dark Doofuses. "Both sides are exactly the same." People in Nazi Germany who thought it was all just rhetoric. The Nazis vs. the Sleeple. The fascists who gave out carrots on Halloween, like Rev. Cinnamon. The navigation of subgenius.com. Show must end now. Vote for "BOB"! It's not a religion, it's a Diffi-Cult!

14 LeMur: PR Gnus #1747 00:38

15 Synaesthesia from long ago - Hard Election 00:40

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