Hour of Slack #1490 B - Radio Synaesthesia with Rev. Baby Bear, StangDoe, Ant Farm Dick Hole


This one won't be sent to the broadcast stations. After Hour of Slack #1490 A, we hung around the WCSB studio for another hour of Dr. Sinister's show Radio Synaesthesia, which allows other callers besides Lonesome Cowboy Dave. The discussion veers all over everything and leaves it all smelling funny. The subjects given the most attention are the movie ANT FARM DICK HOLE and the WCSB Halloween Masquerade Ball, which had taken place the night before. Stang provides some details about the SubGenius connections with both GWAR and Pee Wee Herman. Photos from the WCSB Halloween Masquerade Ball (to which we refer in detail in this show) are at:


and if you backtrack from there you can see this year's NEO Witches Ball and Slackermansion trick-or-treaters.

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Dr. Sinister intro. Daylight savings time. Taint Fair. Global warming solved by air conditioning. Our hippie customers. No Money Mark's non-car. The WCSB ball - we're the projectionists. Dr. Sinister messes w/ No Money Mark's mind. Costumes at the Ball. Mark Buddha calls. The tree costume's knothole. Ghost of Oderous Urungus. Stang tells some Gwar-SubG history. Easy changes to bumper stickers to make them profane. Radiothon pledge drive next week - last year's abysmal low pledges. Lying for pledge drives. The badfilm VHS pledge premiums. VHS vs. DVD. 1980s hair. Jesus and the safe word. If the baby is gonna reject Jesus, then it SHOULD be aborted. God is easily surprised and needs a lot of help; evidently he needs the aid of those busybodies. Pope vs. the creationists. Catholics now looking saner than protestants. Silly caller. The Three Wise Men weren't Jewish. Stang badmouths A. Crowley. Zorro Asstrians. Rosicrucianism and New Age all based on a satirical pamphlet that numbskulls took seriously -- sickening how many existing religions were started as a joke, HINT HINT -- which is why Stang pops the balloon and deprograms SubGeniuses. Blind caller Kieth calls in. More talk about the WCSB ball and bands. The beer made everybody go blind. Stang defends the moshers. Mosh pit history. Baby Bear is nude but is a real bear. Psycho callers Bernie and Bernard, the problem of crazy. Pee Wee Herman and SubGenius. MYSTERY MEN. SubGenius useless super-powers. Lost in time. Silly caller again. Dr. Dark the PunMaster and the X-Day Drill drive-in. Movies shown at X-Day Drills. The movie ANT FARM DICK HOLE. Long discussion of ANT FARM DICK HOLE. Fake dicks in Russ Meyer movies. THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE and sequel. Mark Buddha describes Baby Bear. Stang's first senior discount -- being "carded" after 60. Playing video games online with foul-mouthed 12-year-olds. Playing Monster Hunter with Lily Drummond - the Princess Wii U. "Bottom of the hour."

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