Hour of Slack #1491 A - 7 a.m., July 5, ???? - Awaiting the Rupture at Wisteria Drive


Stangor Make Stang Little Weak Glasses Bitch of Stangor! Stangor take over Little Weak Glasses Show about Pipe Man! HA HA! Stangor wait for Little Weak Glasses Man to get on air, then him take over! Make LWGM play music of Stangor world! Make LWGM say silly things! HA HA! Stangor play funny game with LWGM mind! A HA HA! Make big fun of Little Weak Glasses Man and Little Weak Cow Man! Make time with Wei D'Or!

Now Stangor brag HERE! HA HA! Little Weak Glasses Man read later, be sad! HA! Stangor play big trick on Little Weak Glasses Man!

Next week on Hour of Slack, Stangor guests be Tarzan! Tonto! Frankenstein! Good talk show! NO MORE SILLY "BOB" MAN! HA HA HA! 

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1 LeMur: PR Gnus #1754 00:31

2 LeMur: HOS Intro #857 - Accept My Love of HOS 00:21

3 Shadowy Men- Hook Medley 05:45

4 Connie and Bob on the Jungle Jim radio show 03:16

5 Lemur: PR Gnus #1749 00:29

6 Pisces and 6 Fisted Tails live, 17X-Day: Tale of Anti Slack X 06:18

7 Bob & Connie Jungle Jim 2 03:53

8 17X-Day HoSlack with Dr. Hal, Phat Mandee - Obabo Commie Muslime Grooming 05:32

9 LIVE at WCSB 2014-11-23 30:40

Stang puzzled by background music he didn't pick (covers of the Monster Hunter video game theme in various styles). Credits. STANGOR TAKE OVER, COMPLAIN ABOUT LITTLE WEAK GLASSES SHOW. Dave call in, confuse Stangor. LoneCow Dave's phone go bad - him hear Stangor, but Stangor and Wei no hear Dave! STANG REGAINS CONTROL. Wei explains to Stang that "it happened again," on the air. Stang is very confused. Dave calls back. STANGOR TAKE OVER AGAIN, MOCK STANG. Stang regains control, learns Wei has been "seeing" Stangor. STANGOR MOCK STANG AGAIN. Dave and Wei have to explain to Stang that he's reverted to Stangor 4 times already. Dave's theories about the government mind control program in Monster Hunter. STANGOR MOCKS LITTLE WEAK GLASSES MAN. Wei repeatedly has to tell Stang when Stangor has been there. Are video games harmful?!? STANGOR BORED WITH SHOW - GIVES MONSTER HUNTING HINTS. Dave worries about Stang and game. Stang comes back, confused. STANGOR MAKE LITTLE WEAK GLASSES MAN PLAY MONSTER HUNTER MUSIC. Stang returns -- maybe Wei should drive. The Goat video game. Goat talk. Stang confesses that he can't do Number Three anymore. Should we do Slack Friday sale? Need to trademark "FROP." Facts about 'Frop. STANGOR NO CARE ABOUT CHURCH OF SUBGENIUS! Dave tries to help Stang get free of Stangor. STANGOR MOCK COW MAN! Stangor want to talk with friends Tarzan, Tonto, Frankenstein. Stangor lonely, can't make out with WeiD'Or. Stang wonders if he looks silly in his Monster Hunter cosplay outfit. Stang starts sign-off, gives subgenius.com, promos free SubG devival Dec. 6 in Kent at Stone Tavern.

10 KR - Monster Hunter theme (metal ver2) 02:26

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