Hour of Slack #1493 - MONSTER HUNT 17X-Day: The Terrible Secret Revealed


This episode will blow the top off the SubGenius Church. The suspenseful hunt for the mysterious "Monster of Wisteria" climaxes in a revelation that may be too much for the staunchest SubGenius to accept. Where will the Church go from here? How can we just pretend it didn't happen? What would "Bob" do? You won't believe your ears, yet this explosive documentary (weeks in the editing) will shake you to your very core! The biggest question: Who, or WHAT, is now in control of the Church of the SubGenius?

 HA HA! STANGOR HERE! Now you hear how Stangor TRICK Little Weak Glasses Man Stang into hunting monster in woods -- Stangor even trick him into tricking all OTHER soft white fat SubGenius boys and girls into hunting monster in woods TOO -- wearing silly fake hunter armor! HA HA! Stangor play YOUR world and world of Bob Pipe Man like GAME! -- like silly game.

Costume Ball and Monster Hunt Photos

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1 MH Clarion! 00:03

2 LeMur: HOS Intro #885 - Roar and Bellow 00:35

3 Moby Dick - He Rises! 00:08

4 Monster Hunter-MogaWoods Sting 00:11

5 Bainting-Oyeh 00:05

6 HoSlack @ Wisteria w/ Dr. Hal, Stang - 7-5b-Monster Evidence!- X 08:42

7 Monster Hunter-MogaWoods Sting 00:11

8 Puzzling Evidence Show, late July 2014 - Hal on Monster killings 02:23

9 Bainting-Oyeh 00:05

10 HoSlack @ Wisteria w/ Dr. Hal, Stang - 5d-Schedule 2 Costume, monster 00:47

11 MH Theme Guitars w Stangor VO 01:13

12 Bainting-Oyeh  00:03

13 HoSlack @ Wisteria w/ Dr. Hal, Stang - 7-5f-Weird sausage dildo found01:58

14 Bainting-Oyeh copy 00:01

15 HoSlack @ Wisteria w/ Dr. Hal, Stang - 7-5o-Eat Graveyard Dildo-Death & Buttplugs X 05:39

16 Monster Eating SFX 00:14

17 HoSlack @ Wisteria w/ Dr. Hal, Stang - 7-5t-monster-Angry Larry-can track! X 04:12

18 Bainting-Oyeh 00:01

19 We now cut ahead 00:19

20 17X-Day: Costume Ball and Monster Hunt! 06:51

21 Moby Dick-Baptize the weapons 00:54

22 Monster Hunter Susie 00:22

23 Fuxxin MH Theme clip 1 00:22

24 Oh Damned Whale 00:24

25 MONSTER HUNT Pt. 2 X 06:26

26 Fuxxin MH Theme clip 2 00:59

27 STANGOR song clip 00:28

28 c LS Monster Hunt C 01:21

29 cMusic Sting 00:07

30 d Moby Dick-Mask rant 01:04

31 Monster Hunt D X 04:30

32 Ahab God Rant 02:18

33 17X-Day: Burning "Bob" 04:37

34 Oh Damned Whale copy 00:17

35 KR MH Theme (metal ver 2) 01:08

36 Moby Dick end 00:24

37 MH Quest Completed! 00:09

38 Baby Bear: SubGenius Mailing Spot-ECHO 00:18

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The Church of the SubGenius Radio Ministry seeks to brainwash you totally into abject lifelong subservience to The High Epopt and Living SlackMaster, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


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