Hour of Slack #1502 - Rerun of #1023 - SubGenius Over The Edge/Negativland-Puzzling Evidence Thanksgiving Executive Banquet I


This show from November, 2005 is interstrewn with killer klips by Mister Fernandinande LeMur and Rev. Norel Pref, but most of it (labeled in the log at subgenius.com as "SubNegPuz") is edited from the 5 hour Thanksgiving Business Banquet we enjoyed at the KPFA studios in Berkeley (kpfa.org), thanks to Don Joyce's Over the Edge and Doug Wellman's Puzzling Evidence. They are co-hosting and co-mixing. Guests in this segment include Pope Michael Peppe, Dr. Philo Drummond, Princess Wei, Rev. Ivan Stang, many callers.

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1 LeMur: PR Gnus #1232 00:23

2 LeMur: HOS Intro #597 00:23

3 Norel Pref: thoughtful address 00:15

4 Norel Pref: overthrow 00:15

5 LeMur: Alien Force 00:03

6 Norel Pref: bob and the gang 00:11

7 Norel Pref: indicted 00:26

8 LeMur: Yup #2 00:13

9 SubNegPuz1b-Don Joyce's Intro 03:52

10 Hurricane Ivan 01:40

11 SubNegPuz1f - JFK-CIA-Bob 01:40

12 Longer Bob  00:05

13 love church- norel pref 01:10

14 SubNegPuz1h WellmanIntro 02:51

15 Norel Pref: old bob, little bobby 00:16

16 Norel Pref: corporations themselves 00:06

17 Norel Pref: naturally 00:11

18 LeMur: PR Gnus #1214 00:13

19 Quirbly Bob 00:08

20 Who are the overlords of the UFO 00:03

21 SubNegPuz1i-Kennedy 01:46

22 Don't Try clip 8 00:44

23 LeMur: Back There 00:33

24 SubNegPuz1m-Pils,JFK 04:01

25 Back&Forth Bob  00:05

26 dumb stuff- norel pref  01:23

27 SubNegPuz1n  - BanquetStart 02:24

28 LeMur: "Bob" Song #1010 00:33

29 LeMur: PR Gnus #1216 00:23

30 The Beanweevils - "Notice Me"  (http://www.beanweevils.com) 03:05

31 CREDITS 01:52

32 SubNegPuz10-Goosey Jossip 04:20

33 Norel Pref: isle keel you 00:40

34 SubNegPuz1p-BobCoLanguage 02:11

35 Don'tTryThis7-Lamprey 00:18

36 LeMur: PR Gnus #1217 00:23

37 Stang on ULTIMATE SACRIFICE -- JFK book 01:58

38 SubNegPuz1s-PatRobrtsn-Budget 02:03

39 LeMur: PR Gnus #1234 00:13

40 SubNegPuz1w 14:45

41 LeMur: PR Gnus #1239 00:23

42 LeMur: so help me bob- norel pref 00:25

43 LeMur: PR Gnus #1242 00:23

Background music in intro is from The Flyin' Ryan Brothers' new instrumental album, "Blue Marble" http://www.ryanetics.com


Rev. Norel Pref: http://norelpref.com

Over The Edge: http://negativland.com/nmol/ote/text/index.html

Puzzling Evidence: http://www.kpfa.org/archives/index.php?show=81

Michael Peppe: http://michaelpeppe.wordpress.com/

Dr. Philo Drummond: http://www.quiveringbrain.com/

Ask Dr. Hal: http://askdrhal.com/

The Beanweevils: http://www.beanweevils.com

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