Hour of Slack #1505 - Through the Trapdoor (Live 2015-02-15)


"Things haven't really gotten any worse -- just YOU!" That was one of the cheery things that was said during the live part. For the first 22 minutes, however, it's a 35-track collage of everything from mean one-liners denouncing Stang to mind-blowing fake commercials by Rev. Bleepo Abernathy. (As always, see the track list at subgenius.com's Radio section for the endless details.) Lots of bits by LeMur, The Large, Norel pref (from the olden days) and there's even a song by Stang & Wei's grandsons! It would all be charming were it not so sick. Come to think of it, the live part delves into some pretty darned sick subjects indeed. This is one of those shows where you hear Wei say "Gross!" a lot.

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1 LeMur: HOS Intro #876 - Try The SubGenius HOS 00:33

2 Jason Mierek-Miracle of Recording 00:24

3 Willie D - Whatcha See, G? 00:09

4 Media Barrage 4 -  Lying,Binding Spirits 00:27

5 AhhhYesss 00:05

6 Lily EYIYI! short 00:07

7 Slam Bang Theater Intro 00:20

8 I Claim This Planet Name of Mars 00:08

9 Bob - Ring of Terror-MST3K 00:04

10 Stang-p-p-raisebob-mirror 00:02

11 PatPaulson1 00:10

12 Longer Bob copy 00:09

13 LeMur: Ode to "Bob" 00:09

14 BoboB_The Large 00:12

15 AndIthotMyJokesWereBad 00:15

16 Lily EYIYI! 00:14

17 Stang Grandsons: Boblandia 00:17

18 Boblandia 2 00:14

19 BobBullfrogs of 9X-Day - Razna 00:24

20 norelpref-slackmatics-bob 01:12

21 LeMur: Bob Song #1025 - Someones _Bob_ 00:35

22 Bad Drs - SubG BEACH Party cont 00:31

23 Daniel Johnston On WFMU on HoS 00:30

24 Slackbang Me 2 -King of Slack 00:14

25 Planet X- Shaving Cream Atom 00:16

26 Purple Johnson Blimp Sitaution-Blimps for _Bob_ 00:18

27 DougSmithSezDiffent! 00:32

28 Stangalini 00:23

29 All Stangs Fault 00:03

30 DeadMan Cleveland 1 00:29

31 Oh Damned Whale 00:18

32 Connie-Ivan 2 -Girls 01:30

33 Greasers Palace SONG 02:34

34 Victoria Ganger & Revelry - Marriage of Bob & Connie 04:29

35 Invisible Visualizer - Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, Cynthia King, Dee Street X 02:11


36 Live at WCSB 2-15-15, Stang, Doe, Dave 23:30

That ignorant Cowboy took it - Dave calls in - "MILLIEWHIFFER" definition: Mlle for women bikes + pedos = MillieWhiffers. Wolves in Dave's garbage. Stang does Credits. Stang's grandkids sang - his little Castratos, sing in SubG choir forever. Pat Paulsen SubG cut explanation. Celophane heroes never really die. We're all so close to death - the Graveyard of SubGenius Brains - Where the SubG Glands go to dance - Refuseniks - We maimed and named those orphans so they'd make more $ begging - the blinded castrato Bleepo - the colostomy bag and The Diverter - save your throw-up, Wei - quoting Sterno re: anal fissure tissues - the sexual diaphram revolution - Vreedeez to his dad: "I'm the one who gave 'em the idea to jump off the cliff." Dave on No-Facebook. Dave's "power" extract brewed as tea, orphans vs. the rubes. The Pulpit Master. The Poop-It Master. "Poop" is cute in context, not cute in NOT CUTE CONTEXT, sold as matching set with colostomy bag. The SubG skyscraper. Walrus meat Dave. Trapped in the game I play. The barbiturate table and the people under the counter. This is too way out there for the FBI etc. They know what your grandpa did and you're gonna have to pay for his sins. The grandpa's crimes; "Boblandia." All Stang's grandfathers were preachers lawyers judges. Preachers that preach against preaching. Poor old Stang has to write the scripts for all these shows. We put a lot of time and money into the script for each HoS. Guild member? Dave's job -- does anybody Dave works with KNOW?!? The Pinks Wei worked with at Weather Control NEVER KNEW. Co-workers telling their life stories so loudly they never wonder about yours. Dave on: Nothing Ever Changes, Conspiracy Slavery (Stang debunks). Great SubG rant by Dave - Stang says he's just OLD, angry attitude, everything's bad -- so OLD! "Things haven't really gotten any worse -- just YOU!" Stang descibes all social reality in a paragraph. Wei had to work DESPITE HER BOSSES -- their bragging supplanted all work (at weather control). Stang imitates Wei's stupid bosses!


37 Rev. Bleepo Abernathy: Beer God MIX 1 00:55

38 Pat Paulson2 00:14


39 Live Track pt 2 11:42

Pat Paulsen details. Dave fell asleep, we heard him snoring. Dave smoked too much Trap Door. Crocodil vs. Trap Door. Dave is permanently through the Trap Door. Been telling Dave that for 20 years worth of his hallucinations. Pot snob posers never heard of the Trap Door. Dave gone totally through the Trap Door. The intense cold outside when we're doing this show. The next zero below zero. Froze the clock. Made the water droplets freeze HOVERING in thin air. Air completely dried out Stang's skin like crocodil. Take a shower together! "No smoking in the gas chamber." Hendrix made that note on the paper in his pocket. Don't Give Up the SLIP of the tongue... meant to do that. Dave's manicured brain. PINEAL SANDS, the resort inside Dave's brain. Stang explains the Hour of Slack is on tentacle of a quidpus called CoSG... ordainment, URL etc. The SubG INWO game in demand now that it's out of print. Dr. Sinister heard of CoSG from the INWO game -- WHAT A NERD. Richard Strauss -- I did that on purpose.


40 Church of the Sub Genius-Norel Pref 03:31

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