Hour of Slack #1509 - SubGenius Rants 'n Bands 'n Thangs


The WCSB studio phones were broken this night -- and so was the whole studio! Yet we broadcast anyway. The first half of the show features one song each by the bands that will perform at the March 21 Winterstar Ball in Cleveland: Rev. Phat ManDee, Muruga Booker and the Cosmic Hoedown band, Steev Inglish, Brian Henke, Mayan Ruins and Sister Melodious Chops (the band Wei is in). (The Ball is a benefit for ACE/Starwood and the late Jeff Rosenbaum.) The second half is Stang reading rants by Phineas Narco and The Good Rev. Roger, and twenty solid minutes of uncut Puzzling Evidence Show with Dr. Philo Drummond and Dr. Hal, with a very interesting discussion of the ins and outs of managing a sperm bank.


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1 LeMur: PR Gnus #1772 00:39

2 LeMur: HOS Intro #907 - Batman Please Thankyou 00:31

3  Nate Eagle - Pickpockets 01:47

4 Rev. LeeCarlton - Market CULTMix pt 2 00:58

5 Revelry - My Wallet Belongs to "Bob" - LIVE at Starwood 1997 03:25

6 Muruga-Live creds -Mayan Ruins 02:57

Clip of Muruga Booker and the Cosmic Hoedown Band doing an instrumental based on "Machine Gun," from Starwood 33

Stang and Wei credit the music and explain the Winterstar Ball.

Mayan Ruins live track, "Adrift on the Cobra's Breath," excerpt.

7 Phat ManDee - Hey Fat Chick 03:24

8 Steev English - Stone Cold Blues

Live WCSB 01 3-15-2015 20:20

Stang talks about Winterstar Ball -- he will MC, not a SubG show, but a tribute to Jeff Rosenbaum (cofounder of Starwood/ACE) aka St. Stymie deBergerac.

Brian Henke: Magic Spell #3

Stang and Wei discuss workshops and raffles to benefit ACE and a headstone for Jeff, and 35-year archives of Starwood recordings/videos. Muruga Booker's band - dance music as opposed to music that you listen to with your eyes closed. Winterstar Ball info - vendors selling hippie stuff. Get your aura pierced, o-ring blown, crystal named. (In different studio, headphones not long enough.) Brought some things to read:

RANT OF THE PHINEAS by Phineas Narco, read by Stang

Stang on Mayan Ruins (Cincinnatti band)

A SERMON by The Good Rev. Roger, read by Stang (music by Mayan Ruins)

9 LeMur: PR Gnus #1778 00:53

10 TommyAmoeba - The Legend of Cowboy Ed and the Caterpillar 04:13

11 Live Credits and PUZ-EV intro 03:10

Stang & Doe discuss Tommy Amoeba and Phat ManDee, and the two other SubG radio shows, Susie the Floozy's and Puzzling Evidence.

12 Dr. Philo Drummond and Dr. Hal on Puzzling Evidence Show, Dec. 12 2014 -- SPERM BANK and X-DAY clip 19:12

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