Hour of Slack #1515 - SubGenius Breakthrough in Academia


Something new! Stang describes and reads from Rev. Lee Cipher's new SubGenius book: his PHD dissertation "Rhetorical Ripples: The Church of the SubGenius, Kenneth Burke, and Comic Symbolic Tinkering." It's wild! A serious academic look at the Church! Full of big words, but also lots of keen illustrations, with much rare stuff from Stang's online SubG History course at Maybe Logic Academy. After Lonecow Dave calls in, the conversation alters somewhat in nature, as has been known to happen, and becomes a Theological Hotline. Some of it is in reprehensible taste. The show ends with a pretty spectacular new, er, "song" by Rev. Bern Brijis. You would never know from listening to this that Rev. Stang had to repair three different malfunctioning station machines just before this show started.

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1 GREAT Hal intro 03:11

Recorded at X-Day Drill -- Dr. Hal, with interruptions by Rev. Stang, delivers the perfect Hour of Slack intro.

2 Stangmuzik mix using LeMur cuts: DrumBasedRealBob 02:13

Live Yak, WCSB 2015-4-26

Stang describes and reads from Rev. Lee Cipher's new BOOK: his PHD dissertation "Rhetorical Ripples: The Church of the SG, Kenneth Burke, and Comic Symbolic Tinkering." (Has trouble with the word "satirical.") Stang recalls interviews for this book, describes various well-chosen reprints of photos and scans of historical interest to SubGeniuses. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in, requests Wei to do a sexy read of some sexy lines re: The Theological Hotline. Three takes and it's a wrap, chicken and pork. None of it makes any sense. Stang describes the new book to Dave: R. Crumb's letter reprint, Stang reads Ken Kesey's critique of THE STARK FIST. Dave on Church's compound in the jungle. Mark Mothersbaugh's postcards... back when we were cool and famous. We really do have framed autographs of Ray Harryhausen and Danny Elfman, Susie the Floozy. It's a frame-up! Back when "Bob" was famous, back in the 80s... (old man Stang talking like Bill Clinton) - Why Stang didn't capitalize on his fame. Supposed to sit in garret with hunchback making SubG packets. We need a chimpanzee to do Stang's work. Stang does Cheetah impression. Stang as Channeller. Stang can channel different dead things.  Stang as Spirit Medium, channelling homepathic wisdom. "Water has a memory! Duh-hyeuh! I'm a New Age Homeopath!" The Forbidden Sciences explained in detail for 35 years, or at least hinting at the arcane secrets. The pundits and punsters who rip off "Bob." Dave speech. Rev. Televangela in the backseat of Dave's grandma's car. We ALL live in the abandoned car behind the rich man's house. The grit of post-urban society. Bill McKibbon. Those who can't teach, become cultural critics." In the new book, quotes from negative academic coverage of SG by Paul Mann, some bookworm with a hang-up about "Bob." And yet -- Paul Mann is not in Wikipedia but Rev. Ivan Stang is and Philo -- and Dave when he dies. Dave IS already dead! You're just undulating to a different rhythm. Every stupid vibration goes on forever! Stang reads more from Rev. Cipher's book about SubG: the critics who hate SubG. Stang imitates psuedo-intellectual acedemic postmodernist jargon re: SubGenius. Fight the Mann! Poor old basterd hoping for tenure. Mentions of Church in more academic books. "A protean sophistry." Starhawk quote. Jay Kinney's JOKING quote influenced all these dumbass academics! Their main criticism quote was like the Church written in jest! Half of academics are good, half bad. Carole Cusack's good critique of Church. Our legit pedegree re: Ranters of 17th century. Don't stick those nails in your ears, Dave? God got mad at Nepal -- they musta legalized gay marriage there or something. The walls of frozen tourist shit on Mount Everest. Can't grow Frop on it. The proposed tram to the bottom of the Grand Canyon -- leading to fat waddling tourists and filling it with Big Gulp cups. Stang imitation of spoiled foul tourists - hate-rant on humans. Dave on Chaco Canyon trail, damaged by stupid German touists. Tribal elders replaced by tribal politicians. Corruption within tribal organizations just like every other organization. The Con lives inside every Sub. Same silly office politics even inside our harmless cult. Stang rants re X-Day, mete out vengeance on meat puppets. Dave interviews Stang re childhood. Cobbled child, shooed like a horse. Stang's Pappy said he programmed Stang to be stupid. Pappy's one-upmanship. We didn't want to rip off the stupid people like all the other religions; we wanted to rip off the NICE people. Stang's son and dad always proving how much better they are. Stang's whole family mean to make Gramps Stang feel inadequate! But we're better JUST BECAUSE! (Great 'cause rant) Stang explains the music background: soundtrack of LUCIFER RISING by Kenneth Anger. Stang's sad tale of encounters wth Kenneth Anger. Dave plays weird voice recordings on show, what? Strange voices? Dave's tape recorder? Vas ist los? Stang starts introducing music by Rev. Bern Brijis. Will leave Dave on, but potted down like a potted plant. Dave-ish poetry of potted plant for fade-out. When they plant Dave Stang will water him. Maybe we can grow some decent frappy on Dave's skellington. Great Outro w. MH music.

3 Rev. Bern Brijis - bleeding headclessians 6.12-19 03:00

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