Hour of Slack #1519 - Live from Distractiontown in Glandlandistan

"Astrology and Autism"


After some Puzzling Evidence, Stang reads three (very) short stories about SubGeniuses, written with the help of PlotGenerator.com. The most recent five or six unarmed-blacks-shot-by-Cleveland-cops verdicts and subsequent non-riots are discussed. Lonesome Cowboy Dave unveils a new song, and the new secret Starwood Festival Special Deal for SubGenii is revealed. Drunken incoherent callers to The SubGenius Foundation phone message machine are discussed. Excess apostrophe adders are cursed. The discussion then veers off into Anti-VaxxerLand and Stang explains his research into astrology as a cause for autism. A general rant about New Age medical quacks follows, and the show closes with a short sermon about the ways that Business Pinks "wryly" express their racism.

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1    Disneyland  Mission To Mars HoS Title 00:55

2    1 PE Fropshow d-I - age of mutants     08:18

3    PR Gnus #1745     00:47


LIVE 5-24-2015


Stang reads short story about Philo Drummond and "Bob," "The Frop-Ridden Pipe." Stng then explains how it was "written" and follows with a similar story about Susie the Floozy and Old Sequaw at X-Day ("Hippie-Filled Wisteria"). Background music: the Witch Disco CD by Einstein's Secret Orchestra. Stang and Wei carefully describe how SubGeniuses get a special deal for Starwood Festival, which follows X-Day: $135 vs. the regular $245 for the week plus camping! Lonesome Cowboy Dave offers up his new song about the Hapsburgs and congenital syphillis on the brain. Stang describes plotgenerator.com, the story-writing program, reads "Galactic Slack Pipe Wars" compu-robo-story. Automated phone calls; Dave has message machine in brain. The SubGenius Foundation phone answer machine has been especially flooded during the last month by late-night incoherent drunk calls. Spring, full moon, Saturday nights, Mercury in retrograde? Dave on crazy Russian cult that swims in ice water bare-nekkid like X-Day. A wasteland of naked alcoholics. Drunk caller: You're not the only one. Pinks getting stupid on Facebook due to the lack of a sufficient number of large penises. Stang gets sensitive about the phrase "short people." "Average" is a fiction. "Slack is like fucking - the more you put in, the more you pull out" -- Dr. Legume. What's am alarum? Stang on Philo's secret for sounding even more educated than he is (wikipedia). The world is your mollusk! CNN seems terribly disappointed when there ISN'T a terrible bloody race riot; they do their best to help make such things happen. They so hated having to say "Streets Calm." Dave's news job and The Verdict not being "another Baltimore." Stang on the Belo verdict. CNN sure seemed eager for something bloody to report on. THEY WANT YOU SCARED about the weather, the neighbors, about changing the channel. Dave on the shittiness of news and Stang on autospell and unnecessary apostrophes in poebucker signs. The SubGenius who ADDED excess apostrophes. "Two Cousin's Hair Salon." Now what's correctly apostrophe'd LOOKS wrong. Grammar Nazis and autospell. "Their's." It furigates Dave. Distractiontown in Glandlandistan -- our Minecraft planet. X-Day coming up, w/ Philo coming, maybe Bishop Joey -- great mime on radio show! Less than half price to go to Starwood Festival if you are a SubGenius. Stang describes his Starwood sermons situation.

Stang's rant on ASTROLOGY and AUTISM - parents shopuldn't get charts read before the age of 5. For instance if Gemini chart read, increases chance of Aspergers. Scorpio = Retts Syndrome, etc. Vaccinations cause Tourrette's syndrome, explaining right wing talk shows. But in fact it's things like alcohol, obesity, diabetes and measles increase risk of autism. Stang mentions his autistic friend and relative.

Stang goes off on New Age superstitious numbskulls. Stang was vaccinated, that's why he talks this way. The polio LSD sugar cube. Strange statement by Dave re fungicides. Our baptismal font/vaccination font (sheep dip). Nose-picking and booger-eaters have stronger immune systems. Dave on high blood pressure - comes from not eating enough boogers. Wei grossed out, borders on obscenity. Dave ad: "Buckets of Snot." Quit chewing your fingernails, you'll get the autisms." The old ads featuring the true "Bob" vs new ads with the false Bobs and the Gimme-Bobs. The many "Bob"wannabes. The Enzyte False Bob. Stang imitates the ad agency Bobbie behind it. "Bob's" quote on Imabobs: "If you can't make it as prophet, scholar, artist, philosopher, media consultant, comedian, radio host, fortune teller, Ascended Master, trance medium, or panhandler, there's always Alternative Medicine." Dave and Wei defend alternative medicine and Stang tells the tale of Jesus Devilacqua's job as a medicine testing company. Stang rants on the business Pink racist bullshit line: "DO I HAVE TO SPELL IT OUT TO YOU?" Stang's integrity stuck under his toenail, irritating him. Dave good liar rant fade-out. We're making fun of anybody who can't tell we're making fun" ad.



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