Hour of Slack #1521 - The Planet X-Foliates


According to THE BOBLIOGRAPHON (which Stang reads from briefly), "Bob" put it in Ayn Rand! -- the quest for Slack, that is. But she didn't appreciate it. The rest of this episode is completely censored!

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1 LeMur - HOS_IntroB 00:25

2 LeMur - PR Gnus #1744 00:32

3 Rev. Edfred - al qaeda changes its tune 00:52

4 Dr. SlackJaw - British Bobbie Breaks1 01:08

5 Bro. Jessbone (?) - He's Bob (Ibiza Sunrise on the Dancefloor, Dancefloor rmx) 02:26

6 Cuttlefish - take_a_joke  02:55

7 Max Slack - planet of the clocks 03:49

8 Live Track 2015-6-7 44:57

Stang does credits. Background music: ESO Witch Disco album. Stang mentions the 3 new albums we just finished editing.

Stang reads from THE BOBLIOGRAPHON - "Evil Conspiracy of Rich Bastards" from  Chapter 5 page 119-) "BOB" put it in Ayn Rand! 

Dave calls in, is informed that "Bob" is dead. The mess of messages of Dave. Dobbs not really dead now... sometimes. Hard to tell. Bad advice to listeners re medulla oblongata and icepick. Avoid listening to HoS for your own health. Trepanation societies and the third eye. Stang's bad trepanation. The 3rd nostril gland in foot. The soul sole foot sandwich and the Xists. The false Planet X of kooks vs. the real Planet X. (Where IS it?) Questions re: the new bodies we'll get? The Brain that Would Not Die? Vs. Donovan's Nancy Davis Reagan Brain. How Nancy got a head in Hollywood. Nancy Reagan and fame and drugs and astrology. Betty Ford Clinic - rich go to a party place, the rest of us go to prison. Stephen King and the presidential primary. Betty Flounce vs. Edna Flan.

Reading letter from Rev. Matt. Dave on the old days at WCSB - now, cameras in all the stations! No fropping! The FBI's secret air force. The hacking of Gov't computer files - maybe Hillary's private server was a good idea. Napping in the salt mines under Cleveland. Giant Nazca salt licks for giant alien cows. Rev. Matt's ruminations upon "Bob". The magnificent brick outdoor barbecue fireplace. Rev. Heathen's portable barbecue. 1 pig = 30 chickens. Some animals more equal than others. How to make a Dobbshead out of bricks using Dobbshead poster and graph paper. We know how the Revolution always ends up -- Dave hoping to be the next King Pig. What animals would SubGeniuses be if they were cartoon animal caricatures? Tex Avery drawing animal-farm cartoon SubGenius? Dave would be Woody Woodpecker? Dave as antelope? Dave as Old Lodge Skins. Some people might take this the wrong way. Legume = gorilla. The mugshot of their brains! The Radio Subs vs the Book Subs vs the Internet Subs. Photos of Subs in subgenius.com devivals section.

In less than a month there won't be a world here!! Let's go home. Nowists and Thenists. Dave's novel NEIGHBORWORLD idea of time. Heckload of a lot of universes. Even atoms have atoms. The Planet X-foliates. Details of The Rupture -- burning alive is merely an illusion. Your new body -- stay focused. Half The Hulk, half Britney Spears. Hulk Hogan, the President of Minneapolis vs. Al Franken. Wrestlers, rock stars and circus strong-men, movie actors should be Presidents.

"Most people are STUPED and IGNORENT!" The SubGenius dumb vs. the mega dumb pr thing, the evil of the media -- but-- we're media aren't we? When the tanks came into Dave's village, all were killed - that's why he chose "Bob". But "Bob" chose DAVE. The quotes on "Bob". Have to end show-rade now. 200,000 shows on subgenius.com.

9 The Cryogenic Strawberries - bob (is the man) 01:27

10 "Bob" Put It In Ayn Rand-echo 00:33


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