Hour of Slack #1522 - Stang Invents the Wheel


Readings from THE BOBLIOGRAPHON, new collages by new contributors, a song by Charleston Okafor, some Puzzling Evidence, and a whole mess of signifying. Not a small mess, but a very large and prolonged mess of signifying. Inspired by doodles on a napkin, Rev. Ivan Stang single-handedly invents an entirely new science and technology from scratch. May be over the heads of non-scientists and poebuckers. It was certainly over Stang's head.

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1 Dok Cosmac - "Bob's" Forbidden Planet 00:58

2 Zosodada - HoS Intro; Stang does credita and intros Charleston song 00:59

3 Charleston Okafor - Rama Rama 05:01

4 Richie and S oren - Armed Bobbery 01:37

5 PE020615a - The One Ring - The Electronic Device World and the Fun of Whining about Change. You HAVE to believe in the Change. Everybody's got their own show now. Help a rich person buy another house. The largesse of Philo and Doug on us and Them and two more houses. I said I'd do a show, not smell rot! Moligerus.

6 Live:

Stang explains Puzzling Evidence credits problematically, Chareston Okafor's CD "Passport", too nice for HoS but Rama Rama fits perfectly.

Stang reads from THE BOBLIOGRAPHON with Esquivel music in background. Explains the title, reads more from page 121 to 123 (mostly by Stang and Canobite)  on Fighting the Conspiracy and False Slack. (Stang adds a line "if you have enough sense to get out of the rain, anyway.") A little Claude Rains-style ranting. You'll be searching for "Bob" on the scaly roof of your own mouth (Onan line) We put the misc in Fundamentalism.

SubGenius book publishing history. "New" book 9 years old, old enough to marry in some countries. Color ebooks. 3D! Conspiracy fake 3D. "Keeping Cleveland Retro" t-shirt. "Keep Austin Weird" irony. Waiting for Dave. Smith-Stang-Smedlap. Esquivel. Bro. Cleve and Esquivel. Dave calls in. Charleston's song and show. What's old - me. Stang defends the 1960s Time-Life books predictions of computers. Nano brains of presidential candidates and voters. Vetenari for President. Sir Terry Pratchett's death and Alzheimer's. "Will" get it?!? The 90 year old mind. "I will now prove people get all stupid before they die." Stang's been thinkin' -- and came up with cosmically basic mathematical axioms all on his own. Stang had vision of the self-evidence of certain basic truths. (uncannily similar to pre-Euclid Greek math) Dave thinks Stang's crazy! Stang walks Dave through basic circle-radius and line-point revelations he has spontaneously experienced. A closed, ideal state that cannot be measured. Limited by tools, yes, but PURE understanding: ever-more dimishing triangles within a circle with tiny bases sitting on the circumference. IRRATIONAL! Some numbers make good sense, but then... crazy numbers! It never ends! The Nines numerology early arithetic system vas the commercial 10 series. The superior 60-based Mesopotanian system. What about us 11-fingered and 9-fingered people? Stang's discoveries regarding right angles being equal to each other, deduced by scribbling on a napkin! The opposite angles will always be equal, so there's some HOPE in this world now that I've invented it. They taught this in high school? Being blind and deaf hasn't slowed me down a bit. Any angle inscribed in that semicricle? -- a right angle! Not a wrong angle! Nazis. Stang goes on to invent a new thing, a circle or disc set upright with an axel, called The Wheel. "Only a SubGenius could come up with this same thing over and over again! I'm pretty sure I thought of this the week before last too!" Dave on all math = all math. What is the point of knowing all these angles and pies and slices? 4 x 90 is 360? WHOA! He's RIGHT! The constellation Thesaurus, the God Lizard, even primitives recognized the head of the Tyrannosaurus and its tail, the North Star. Savages grinding nuts into a fine paste. Get your radii and everything. Dave says science is weak. Too many video games. "Them sciences is stuped." Stang worries that maybe his invention of math could lead to weapons - Thaings that Man was Not Meant to Know rant. Mama Gorgo and Global Warming. Dave on Stang's brain wiring, fears Stang will put his brain out of its misery. Stang a dandy, an interstellar fop. Who's paying the checks? X marks the people who signed the checks. We won't lose our thumb, because iphones. Can't flip coins with tongues. Stang has new realization re: parallel lines! (Conan music in bg) -- then invents the mchanical computer! Decides to rob 7-11. Reasurring that between points it's finites -- but take a point away, let "Bob" follow THAT line! A godzillion and one points long! God and math questions for Padre. SOME Catholic priests aren't pedophiles with chest merkins. Amazon ladies and chest hairs, and guitar straps. Picture of 60s all-woman topless rock band -- Subs notice the EQUIPMENT not the tits. Some don't think a girl is pretty if real -- must look like a drawing with the head of a beast. Not WRONG... just WEIRD!! Makes me want to bully them. Usually Dave is ready to kill himself much earlier in the show. Dave compliments Stang re Church goal. The SubGenius Must Have Slack! Now just have to figure out what Slack is for every single SubG. False Slack rant-quotes! With good bg music. The conundrum of Max Slack not wanting to have his work associated with anything that might make money somehow (pay per download). (Must be rich.) For more Max Slack songs: http://maxslack.net - intro The Funny Side. Alergic to or overdosed on money? Or just cooler? Dave as Ayn Rand.

7 Max Slack - The Funny Side 03:35

8 Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw - Downloadable Bobsongs ad 01:09


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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Rap Song lyrics


Ft. Christopher Tung



Welcome to the Arena

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I'm a Monster Hunter



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