Hour of Slack #1523 - Farewell to Phil Austin


This episode of The Hour of Slack is dedicated to the late Saint Phil Austin of the Firesign Theatre, who boarded his escape saucer June 18, 2015. Featured are some Austin-centric clips from one Feb., 1970 Firesign Theatre Radio Hour Hour, followed by a sometimes touching discussion of how critical The Firesign Theatre was to the Church of the SubGenius. Stang, Dave and Doe also relect upon the influences of other great inspirators of SubGeniusdom, like the underground comics, Zappa, Harryhausen etc. The scandalous question of just how much pot has been smoked on the air over the years is addressed. Also, we are very excited about X-Day and Starwood.

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1 Hour of Slack ID 01 00:36

2 FIRESIGN THEATRE - iching 00:27

3 Stang Intro - RIP Phil Austin 02:28

4 FIRESIGN - Brautign poem 00:52

5 FIRESIGN THEATRE - Pearville 00:38

6 FIRESIGN THEATRE - -Renees Psychic Image 01:51

7 FIRESIGN THEATRE - Big Question-Weatherman 01:13

8 FIRESIGN THEATRE - When We Were Young 01:12

9 FIRESIGN THEATRE - Cryospan 01:33

10 FIRESIGN THEATRE - Cloud Ears 00:32

11 FIRESIGN THEATRE - Dream of Long Metal Spears 00:57

12 FIRESIGN THEATRE - The Cast 01:03

13 FIRESIGN THEATRE Mutt N Cheops-1966 Revisited Again 05:40

14 FIRESIGN THEATRE - It Had Been Night - Outro. 04:16

15 Live Track 2015-6-21 32:30

Stang on first time he heard TFT album, w/ theater kids - "This must be what pot is like." Thanks to TFT for life. Owe also to undergound comix, Zappa, Harryhausen, 3 Stooges, RAW, Warner Bros cartoons, Mammy & Pappy, Philo - inestimable unending list. "Bob" loves the sin but hates the sinner -- tater

Dave calls in - Dave on TFT - Bergman a Cleveland lad - the great Comedian in the Sky. How Stang got news via Mavrides via Proctor. There's nothing like what Firesign did - they predicted everything, yet without computers? Prefered by our social circle - The Firesign Clones at Starwood. Dave was one but Rosenbaum fired him. Dave's recollection of parties with Firesign albums. Stang on their complex plays vs their life radio improv. All their shows available on book/DVD THE DUKE OF MADNESS MOTORS (Seeland) and Taylor Jessen. Stang reads interviews with Phil Austin and Peter Bergman re: smoking pot (or not) on the air. Great Austin quotes re: hippie ethos and Firesign. Smoke pot and make 900 albums. Planet Proctor. Austin recollections re: pot vs. Bergman's recollection. Can't get show like that today? Sirius cancelled them. Dave's gov't implants that turn druks into Firesignists. CAN still do that kind of radio - Stang lists HoS stations. Strange Dave rant, how unusual. TFT and radio drama of 40s and 50s, The Goon Show. TFT material ages extremely well. The Bickersons and Amos and Andy. Kids these days don't know of olden radio. We're forgetting X-DAY! Merely the upcoming minor event called the end of the world? Stang's saucer will look like Wisteria for Starwood. Dr. Hal coming. The bands of X-Day. Poo Water Towel. The "Bob" dummies for burning, sexing. WeiMawMaw and her goat. Pufferdome devivals at Starwood. Starwoodfestival.com. Way down on the Ohio River. Ohio weather ruined wine and fruit industry. Frolicing and throwing peaches, all now illegal - stay indoors and obey. You can more than just hug a tree out there. Dave saw a Pump Up Jesus show on Christian TV. Jesus fan club give Him a bad name. Show ending, tear-jerker Phil Austin song.

16 Phil Austin - LOONS 03:17

17 Hendrix-babyBear-POBox 00:58


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