Hour of Slack #1526 - Radio Synaesthesia - ROBOTS MARRYING BOWLING BALLS!


"Pull the Pork Over Your Own Eyes." We returned, alive, from both the X-Day Drill and Starwood Festival, with 20-some-odd hours of recordings. The sorting and editing of all that audio will take some time, so for this episode we're taking the easy way out by stealing Dr. Sinister's show on WCSB Cleveland, Radio Synaesthesia, from June 28, "2015." Dr. Hal, Rev. Stang, Princess Wei and Lonesome Cowboy Dave were all guests, along with a type of creature that The Hour of Slack rarely attempts to domesticate: CALLERS. And this is only the first half of Dr. Sinister's two-hour show!

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Stang explanation. Dr. Sinister intro - World Ends Tomorrow and you MAY die (vs. WILL die) - Stang = Saint Peter - The Judgement - The Lake of Fire - SubG Heaven, Hell - Eternity gets boring. Chick Comic about Virtuous Woman in Purgatory because she didn't witness. If we don't sin, Jesus died for nothing. Real Men and God. Sinister asks for clear explanation of the Church - Dobbs as anus/mouth - History of Dobbs - Dr. Sinister's "Bob" sighting (hit by bus and million dollar settlement) - Surfing the Luck Plane and Sand in the Crevice (great band!) - callers awaiting the saucer, left behind - Dave calls wrong phone number - "Bob" isn't finished with Dave yet -- The purgatorial Garage Apartment of the Unimaginative SubGenius - 13014? - Earth must be flat - quantum ubiquity - "Always Will be Dave" - the waiter's stump - Robocop Vs. CHAPPiE - why are cocksucker and "fuck" INSULTS? - Dave's take on gay marriage decision in SCOTUS - Stang does teabillies - Obabo has destroyed America. San Francisco Vs. Dave Vs. Hal - Anybody can marry anything Stang rant - Stang promises to burn self in protest of dogs and cats marrying! ROBOTS MARRYING BOWLING BALLS! Stang goes redneck. Lust 4 Grins. New Caller lit pastures on fire, got arrested. 4 Little Ponies of the Apocalypse. Entropy and Evil. Children make the best sacrifices. Batman bandaid mandate and men dating men. Leave all burning to the Saucers. Stang meets Larry Harvey. "Bob" is my toilet paper. Mentor jokes. Long Smurfs discussion. Smurfs, Gargamel, Burning Man. Schmoos vs. Smurfs. Stang's Smurf rant ripped off for movie SLACKERS. Hal counsels the caller - Smurfs and Teletubbies - Hal does WODE song. Wode bulldada. "Drunk Hal." How caller insults self. New caller on Magellan. Very crazy conversation. Hal on us not being crazy. Gargamel as savior of the world. Stang wants Confederate Flag tattooed on his nose. Elvis still here? CORNY! Hal on Elves. Bay of Pigs, Castro, Ted Cruz's dad, and Pigman. "Pull the Pork Over Your Own Eyes." Giant Boars. Pigman's WCSB ad. Corporatism jism and "Bob" - He got into my breaches once more - my script was upside down, no wonder I couldn't hear it! - can't hear a thing without my glasses - Coleridge had synaesthesia - glandular globulation - real life is gritty - sperm whale oil - Dave's warning and Wei's ad re: fungii at Starwood. Band name "4 and 20 Blackbirds". Greek philosophers, god and jaundice. You say you saw some sort of monster? The Vampire Squid and The Kraken. The Fastitocalon, Leviathan, sea monsters. No Money Mark calls in - what calendar is "Bob" using? No point in sophistry re: knowledge, end.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Rap Song lyrics


Ft. Christopher Tung



Welcome to the Arena

So nice to finally meet ya

We're here to extinct some elder beasts

Stick them in a museum


Slaying dragons with Great Swords

Bustin' beats on Hunting Horns

Slash and rhyme like the Hero of Time

I'm always quick to try force


Fight the prey all night and day


Cause I'm a Hunter



I'm a Monster Hunter



I'm a Monster Hunter


Now listen close as the monsters approach

Ya need some epic loot - I'm on the pursuit

Shoot 'em out of the sky and I'm hearing their cries

Ultimate combo rate, there's no escape


From the Primal Forest to the Great Sea

I'm always getting ingredients for my new recipes

We don't stand alone, my whole team's deployed

Gunning down these clowns like something out of Metroid!


Put you underground like a Black Diablo

I'm the O.G., Sonic and Mario

Ya I'm on the quest to protect the terrain

Don't pray to no god, I just killed Rajang!


Cause I'm a Hunter



I'm a Monster Hunter



I'm a Monster Hunter


Entered Rage Mode, chargin' all my might

Every battle I engage in is a final boss fight

Make sure these beasts remain mythology

I'll come at you, don't care about ecology


I'm no defender, I'm a fire starter

Decked out in my Silver Sol armor

Bring death, try to flee, but there's no way you can

Bust a master on the track, like my name's MegaMan.


There's now more monsters than ever before

It's no longer a hunt, it's the ultimate war

Ninety-eight different beasts and I gotta stop them

Can't be overcome I drop the hammer on them!


Stand my ground, got the power of will

Not to mention an endless list of Armor Skills

Summon my alliues, I'm a minion caller

And you'll see the gore spill when I slay Magala!


On top of my game, scaling Heaven's Mount

I'm the last one standing on my slayground

It's survival of the fittest, when the world needs saving

They say Man shouldn't play God, good thing I'm not playing!


Cause I'm a Hunter



I'm a Monster Hunter



I'm a Monster Hunter



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