Hour of Slack #1527 - Tarzan's Radio Station #1 with Priestess Pisces

1:02:27 (Broadcast version: 59:29)

Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang, joined by Priestess Pisces and then Rev. Baby Bear, batten down the hatches and face the weather for this year's first show before the live SubGenius audience at Wisteria Community campground, at the beginning of 18 X-Day, which turned out to be the 20th X-Day Drill. WE DID NOT KNOW THAT AT THE TIME, however. To us it was but a scant few days before the end of the world for all humans, and the beginning of the Beginning of the New World for all SubGeniuses. So we were pretty excited! Technically, this show was recorded June 30th, "2015," starting at 2 p.m. As always, a detailed log of the discussion can be found at the Hour of Slack section of subgenius.com.

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Old opening monstage

Hal gripes while Stang gets Pisces set up on mic.

Titles start - Hal intro - the Caffeina's mug vs. those who can't come. Hate the phrase "X-Day again." They'll blame Obama for not enough rats to eat but it's "Bob's" fault. No ketchup in the End Times. Pink camo? Jemm and the Holograms? A blank slate when X-Day rolls. Pink camo, pink church, pink salad, Cool Whip. "Pink" doesn't mean the color. When the Devil saved Stang at 1998 Drill from redheads. Thatan / Rev. Mickey Mephistopholes. X-Day butt-hurt scared him. When Satan helped Hal in the desert (at Burning Man). Hal's advice - DON'T LICK TOADS lecture. How to squeeze toad buboes and smoke the venom. Dady why are you squeezing Mrs. Toad's buboes? Bob and Connie the toad scientists. Donb't be a martyr for toad venom combustion. "Toad Away" sung by Stang and Hal. Loss of Bergman and Austin. "America has been destroyed" -- giving Obama too much credit. Walmartosaurus too heavy to live outside its motor cart. Defense of WalMart, hatred of WalMartShoppers.com - the Internet all about shaming - Everything is on the deadly Internet, making everybody stupider. Pisces Con Theorist rant. The Lizard People are ACTUALLY the Good Guys! The Cloud is hackable. Palmistry causes chronic masturbation. Pisces explains Palmistry. Map of Michigan vs map of Texas. Stang can't see palm due to hair -- and needs glasses. The all-women's SubG facebook page vs. the all-men's secret SubG FB page. Jealous of Stang's Dicks - Hitler Has Only Got One Ball - Hal's Fleur de Lie - Stang reads of History of Sex Perversions - The Ampallang, cock rings. Hal and Candiru Toad in pond, Suds' animal friends. Not Rape Bears, Affection bears. Love Teddies. Stang reads terrible penis ring disaster. Man caught "fixing" his bayonette. Don't put your parts in musical instruments! Bandcamp ad. Gardens on the Dark Side of the Moon full of Moon Frop. Stang reads of Sodomy, drives audience to try it out. Sticking camera and clapper-boy up Stang's Wee-wee. Ancient ways of breaking kidney stones by percussion. "Sounding a calculus by percussion." Benign asplasia of the soul. The Dobbshead in Pisces' retina. Women have spaceship entry doors instead of Dobbsheads for genitals bvut it's a one-seater. Low comedy on this educational show caused the audience to run off and try stuff without hearing all the instructions or reading the schedule. Pisces' inadvertent button pushing. Burning Man is worse because of the sand in the crevice (good band).

Pisces swaps out with Rev. Baby Bear. Hal intros Baby Bear and balloon sound effects -- Philo would love that. Stang demonstrates balloon squeak sound effect. We are but ugly bags of water held up by sticks. Stang's Monster High sticker book. Stang's lecture on Monster High's moral teachings re: abnormality - but they're all PRETTY! No FAT monster high girls. Ghoulia the "special" student. Started as Bratz. Baby Bear is Draculaura. The SubG Girls as Monster High Girls. Wolfman poem and other Curt Siodmak poems. Sticker problems from Glandlandistan.  Modern children aren't taught scissors or stickers. Adults these days can't sign names or read cursive! Wasp on Baby Bear. Baby Bear's wasp adventure. Hal lures mosquitos off Stang. Wasps can't read cursive. Shotting in SF unwitnessed due to people on their phones, pads. End of HoS.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Rap Song lyrics


Ft. Christopher Tung



Welcome to the Arena

So nice to finally meet ya

We're here to extinct some elder beasts

Stick them in a museum


Slaying dragons with Great Swords

Bustin' beats on Hunting Horns

Slash and rhyme like the Hero of Time

I'm always quick to try force


Fight the prey all night and day


Cause I'm a Hunter



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I'm a Monster Hunter


Now listen close as the monsters approach

Ya need some epic loot - I'm on the pursuit

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Gunning down these clowns like something out of Metroid!


Put you underground like a Black Diablo

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They say Man shouldn't play God, good thing I'm not playing!


Cause I'm a Hunter



I'm a Monster Hunter



I'm a Monster Hunter



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