Hour of Slack #1528 - Synaesthesia - They Saved Schrodinger's Cat

Ring Around the Callers

1:02:27 (Broadcast version: 59:35)

Dr. Hal, Rev. Stang, the Lonesome Cowboy, and a mess of callers continue as guests on the second part of Dr. Sinister's Radio Synaesthesia from June 28, just before 18X-Day. The list of subject matters covered is a couple of pages long (on the text log at subgenius.com), but as you might guess, both dinosaurs and low budget old sci fi movies are discussed, along with eternal verities, inspirational real-life anecdotes, and a lot of smart-assery. The Paleo Diet and flying saucer sightings also get the treatment. And Rev. Ivan Stang once again reverts to his alter ego, the shriekingly angry teabucker redneck Yahoo-commenter inside him.

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Titles. Radio Synaesthesia from June 28 continued.

Caller No Money Mark continues quizzing Dr. Hal, L.C. Dave, Stang & Doe. Could we be a mote of dust on Bobs necktie? We are but dottle. The giant planet-skull in Guardians of the Galaxy. "Bob" as a talking raccoon? The Enead and 17th century couplets, Dr. Hal stripping. Nymphs, nerds and noids. What if we have a hurricane at Bobtism? "BRANDED!" TV show theme song orgy. Branded vs. The Rifleman. Branded and Ayn Randed because Left handed. Terrible old timey TV show schedule conflicts - had to switch between channels. The Time Tunnel Vs. Man from UNCLE. 1940s movie "Hitler Dead or Alive," "They Saved Hitler's Brain." "The Thing That Couldn't Die" vs. "The Brain That Wouldn't Die," Robocop Vs. Chappie Vs. Frankenhooker. "Brain from Planet Arous." "The Brain from Planet Lesbos at Dobbstown." The Inebriated Trouser Mouse. Pinks running on a treadmill, in a cage -- we tried to tell them. Only 144,000 will be called. In my father's house there are many pay toilets. Vegetarians killing the planet - agriculture is the real threat. Dave's rock star friend who thought that the farting of wildebeasts in Africa would destroy planet. (Frank Zappa.) Stang jokes re: Firesign: "Two more bullets," pukes. New Subs who are boors on the Net will be at X-Day. Flying saucers are coming, flying cups are the problem. New dumbass caller: Nazi Flying Saucers from the Hollow Earth. Sure, Nazis made the SHITTY saucers. Kenneth Arnold's first sighting of "saucers" looked more like skimming boomerangs. "Are you members of Illuminati? Are you on drugs?" Frop is an herb. "Wake up Sleeple! MK ULTRA!" Lead-foil hats better than tin-foil. Schrodinger's Brain vs. Schrodinger's Baby. Schrodinger's Bonobo and the subsequent clean-up. "They Saved Schrodinger's Cat." Shopping at Schrodinger's. Schrodinger's Malt -- can drink all you want. Stangneck: "Maybe I'm just stupit!" You can do anything with Quantums - put 'em in your homeopath medicine. Gluten gluttons. Diet won't matter when we have no guts or teeth. Paleo Diet and lifespan. We can make pygmy elephants. Homo floresiensis and pygmy elephants, giant lizards. "Cave Men and Dino-Sours." Dragons, dinos in the Bible. Dragonsaurus with his Flame Sac. Hellboy the ceratopsian. Dave's rock star friend, Question Mark and the Mysterians, Trademark and the Wisterians. Stang discussion of Evolution Control Committee. Need The Toilet Bowl Cleaners at X-Day! Poo Water Towel and The Drummonds for Drs. 4 Wotan reunion. "The Vortex Took 'Em" and "The Day Time Ended" - the New Age comes. New Caller: Sunspots are God's acne and "Bob" is the Clearasil! Venus circling Uranus. Cosmic Bidet, a great band. Saturn's newly found vast rings. Ring around the Callers! "Dark Star." You DID sign the application. Close to cusp of destruction! Dr. Hal does HALf Life lines. Hal on the DOTA elf character Tinka he also did. Saucers have to hold back like Moses, MLK. Help Jesus out! Need to Pump Jesus Up! "Jesus" a Roman version of his Jewish name Yeshua. In Latin nouns require special endings to fit in, declensions. "The cops killed Jesus" -- Mavrides. Syn on God screwing everything up for himself because He's into S&M. "Why don't we all just burn everything? Obabo says so!" America's been destroyed, single-handedly, by Obama. Footprint of the American Chicken. The Confederate Battle Flag - them stupit idiots. Jodea the illegal immigrant. Creationists vs. cretinists. "Lesbian Marxist perfessors, thinks they's entitled!" "Still votin' Democrat, still poor!" Simmer down, Stang. Wei confesses to crush on Chuck Connors. "Stranded." The voices in your head about America, can't tell if you're real. Pull all your teeth, Bob! Radio blabber about radio. X-Day Beach Parties every Wednesday. The Alamo basement. "John Wayne was a fag." John Wayne as wealthy rancher John Chisholm. Nick Adams as The Rebel, then went to Toho in Japan, fought giant Frankenstein in "Frankenstein Conquors the World". The Nazi's and the Frankenstein's monster's heart. "War of the Gargantuas" was a sequel to that! Hal detailed desc. of opening scene and song "The Words Get Stuck in My Throat." Stang, Hal on Mothra. Won't have bathrooms on saucers - wormholes instead. Show about to end - The Toilet Bowl Cleaners and Poo Water Towel should team up. END OF BROADCAST VERSION /(then more for Internet - Starwood ad, Wei and Stang met at Starwood, Stang's a Bad Boy not a Nerd. Stang nerd SubGenius act. Famous last words.

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