Hour of Slack #1530 - Your Slack Ends Where "Bob's" Fist Begins


This is the first Hour of Slack recorded on the second day of the 2015 X-Day Drill, with Rev. Susie the Floozy taking Slot 3 of our "studio" on a picnic table in an outdoor café at Wisteria Community campground. Sadists will enjoy Stang's struggles to make the primitive studio work. The Hitler Testicle Song's rare Verse 2 is recited. Classic and unclassic badfilms are discussed by experts Dr. Hal and Rev. Susie. At one point, Rev. 80 presents Stang with a package of 40 original art pieces, which so surprise the three hosts that they briefly describe each and every one of them. Luckily, this episode is interactive! While listening, you can view the amazing BULLDADA EYE CANDY - 40 Pieces of Visual Deprogramming by REV. 80 on the web at: http://subgenius.com/rev80/

We're still hard at work organizing and editing the recordings of ranters and bands, but those will be forthcoming in good time.

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"LIVE AT WISTERIA" with Susie, Stang, Hal.

Show intro, mic stuff, army ants in the camp - Nov. 22, 1963: death of C.S. Lewis. Picking the background music. Hal on The Mole People. Dead air can be edited. Digital analogs vs. Monster Hunter. Open mic vs. open leg vs. open mouth. Doing the show in the nude, albeit with a tablecloth. Fumbling under the seats. More mic problems - Mic 1 was switched with Mic 2! Hal does "Hitler Has Only Got One Ball" SECOND verse! The blue headphones vs. Susie's blue balls. Hal describes X-Day schedule: 1-hit wonders at Mediocre Mosnter Matinee -- Grindhouse badfilm line-up. Larry Hagman at Burning Man. Good badfilm comments by experts Hal and Susie. BULLDADA BER ALLES! Stang describes inductees at Registration, the wristbands. Blue ball lightning. Inductee Rev. 80 has a Nintendo 3DS with Monster Hunter! Nice boys with hot wives. Stang must pretend to be nice at X-Day as he secretly Cosbys people. Repressed memories no longer accepted in court. Like a slasher movie, in this campground. Her pregant abyss. A new byss? Hal & Susie bulldada-a-thon. -- scrape the SHIT off it - We're gonna destroy Earth -- are we gonna kill the poor Native Americans?!? "Subs will destroy the earth about as well as Subs do anything." The Wigwam Motel in Cave City, KY. Indian Internet of smoke signals - lotta smoke for one porn jpeg. "X-Day Zero Minus Zero." Tater's line, "Your Slack ends where "Bob's" Fist Begins." Stang's Tater Gumphries sightings. Miserlou pronounced "Meezer-loo". Amino Acids royalties question. Wind knocks down a toothless Dobbshead. We've all been had by "Bob." "Bob" like Dorian Gray? "Bob" and Tarzan. Three of us have done weekly SubG shows for decades - 21 yrs for Susie, 30 years for HoS - Puz Ev from June 1982 - history of Bob Nelson show turning into Puzzling Evidence Show. Bob Nelson still an alchemist, mining in the desert. Crystals not like this cocaine candy - no real cocaine, just coca-flavored with guarana - how Stang keeps 'em talking - producto peruana - coca-flavored Sucrets. Yma Sumac = Amy Thomas = wonderful sounds. She coult hit E above High Treason. Wanna hear Yma, Capt. Beefheart, and Nina Hagen -- so, must kill Nina. Everybody dying - Ossman and Proctor left. James Horner kissed canyon floor. What was the last thing that went through James Horner's mind? Stang starts using the sound effects dildo and whistles. The whistle looks like Susie's lips. Who wants some "Bob" virus? Infectious humor. Face Loving Bats and other animals of Wisteria. Prairie Squid details. The upcoming Taco-Filling Contest Festival on Saturday - Stang's Monster Hunter / Monster High "problem" - Rev. 80's art! He drops off 40 hand-colored original drawings - each art piece is described - subgenius.com/rev80 - the dpi problem from internet to printing, Genuine Fractals - Minecraft jpeg degradation block-map technique. Brain-mind-killers are so FUN! Susie wants new music - Susie rants re: "Bobaloo" - Hal poetry bit - background music debate - Hal and Susie on The Mole People and Hugh Beaumont - Dick Van Dyke, Mark Trail! The Mole People music and history, ancient Assyrians. Stang's Mole Girl sex fantasy. World ends tomorrow - you MAY? Die? Only $1 for that pamphlet? "Phamplet." We're three OLD radio show hosts, also last 3 Grammar Nazis on the planet! Horsepucky. U R OLD LOL. Bulldada Auction stuff from Pastor Pressure: May 2011 End of the World shirt, Catholicism for Dummies. Story of Stang's son's brief flirtation with Christianity due to the movie Jesus Christ Superstar, and his one disheartening visit to a Lutheran Church. Satan Saves anecdotes. Stang's poll of Satanists at Starwood, resulting in one. Hal on Satanism reports. Susie on "Satanic Panic." Satan now lives at Brushwood. Stang runs off to play Minecraft and Monster crack - Hour is over. HoS sign-out -


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