Hour of Slack #1534 - Make Dobbstown Grate Again


We took a break from the canned X-Day shows for a live show featuring several new audio collage contributors: Dok Cosmak, Soren & Dr. Lanulos, and Dr. Italics; there's also new music by The Fantastic Plastics and The Psycho Skeletons. We also introduce a new feature, "Kids Say the Dangdest Things," this time featuring little Donnie T., age 7. The rest is the ever-morphing conversation with Lonesome Caller Dave. Stang peevishly addresses his numerous pet peeves. Conservatives, old hippies, and Zappa fans with thin skins might want to avoid this episode. The way the term "P.C." has flip-flopped is explored as is the problem of insane would-be domestic terrorists trying to explain everything on the SubGenius Foundation message-phone. Then everything else is explored or at least trivialized.

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1 Bob will take you 00:09

2 LeMur: HOS Intro #851 - The Smell of HOS 00:19

3 Bob said we'd get along fine 00:02

4 who's Bob_ 00:20

5 Bob's downstairs 00:46

6 Content from 08_26_2015 Marketplace PM 00:23

7 Cranial Discharge-Soren&DrLanulos 01:11

8 Dok Cosmac-science why pinks are pink 01:00

9 yes Bob 00:02

10 dok cosmak - all 24 united states were made in china 01:48

11 Fantastic Plastics 03-It's All Plastic 01:56

12 dok cosmak - bob's mutant children 01:42

13 he'll be with me alright 00:17

14 i dont go out with Bob anymore 00:04

15 the Psycho Skeletons - Mock Irrational Slack 02:45

16 Kids Say The Dangdest Things 01:48

17 it can't be Bob 00:46


18 Live at WCSB 2015-08-15 40:53


Credits of new collage arteests - Dr Italics, Soren & Dr Lanulos, Dok Cosmak. Psycho Skeletons & Fantastic Plastics. Some DEVOtional 2015 bands descriptions; our pics are up on subgenius.com events page - sexy if seen thru dawg eyes. The beauty of Theramina of RWR. Waiting for Dave to call because wanted to offend listeners tonight. Instead will play Rev. Susie the Floozie's collage from BSTF - Track 5 "Light Up" only, then Dave calls in. Dave on now meow, more Theramina adoration, she stayed in our house! Dave thinks what he wants to -- soon to be outlawed. Dave and President Bernie and Vermont and the open faces. Bernie, the crazy caller that we get? Will Merikens vote for a Socializer? Red hats that say "I'll Make America Great AGAIN!" Any true wackoes with good idea will be removed from the race. Adolf? Mussolini? Mr. PotatoHead? Frankenstein? Are Amerikees waiting to slap down Trump & yahoos? Worries of the fear of expressing ourselves - not a crime as long as nobody notices us expressing ourselves. PHD feces on the Church. APA style in trade pieces is very bad. The current Wikipedia article on SubGenius has changed a lot, with many academic references. Funny names uttered for no reason. They're gonna run the people with funny names out of this country - first Rodriguez than Polish names with cz in name. Labor camps and forced marches and Peter Sellers "Mein Fuhrer I can walk again!" "I Can Crawl Again!" The future or the suture - Stang's suture. Let's not go there, not even on a holiday. "I Moan Make Dobbstown Grate Again!" We meaning everybody else but us. Meaning WEI meaning. Petra Hayden's movie score covers all a capella on Nino Rota's 8 1/2 Theme/Carlotta's Gallop. When we were tender and young, if we could remember. We have BACK-UP! Dave's bathroom visit at 9:20. Clear or pinkish? Morbid atrocity served up at the VFWD. Things in the toilet, NO DON'T TALK ABOUT IT. The "smart" SubGeniuses. Reading Yahoo News comments in silly accents. We didn't live up to the controversial show promise Wei put on Facebook. No thin skins. Brand problem. "Branded" NO. Gotta think of something offensive. Did Stang and Wei sing in monkey voices? Superman theme in Cheetah's voice. VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED summary. The invasion comes from pregnant ladies. Everybody has a different idea of the Conspiracy. Now, to be PC you have to stop being PC. To be un-P.C. is P.C., but to be P.C. is not P.C. The Internet and anonymous poo flinging. We should call the FBI. We DID call the FBI several times just to cover our own fannies. Our crazy phone-message-leavers. DON'T tell us yr plans for domestic terroism. Don't go there! Stang quotes some of his insane message-leavers. Don't do it and don't tell us, because we have to go to The Man. Our two pesky psychotics. "If only the Confederacy had won." Not cool to exploit the mentally leave, leave that to Howard Stern. Charitable works of Dr. Sinister for his insane callers. We'd miss our crazy-man callers. But he paid his $30. He will be saved if he doesn't screw up before July 5 1998. GHW Bush and Hoover, could they be saved just for $30? Will SubGs lead in harmony or vice versa? Dave should be teaching New Age Philosophy of the Occult 101. A well of vapidity. Quotes from brain damaged rock stars. Jim Morrison and Terrence McKenna in the bathtub together. Putting down anybody's most beloved heroes -- "zappa sux," "hendrix sux" - Stang is jealous. If you're sucking the finger instead of going where it points, BITE OFF THE FINGER! Free yrself from the famous people. Nihilistic Philosophy 101. Existential knowledge and the hatred of CGI. Sick of turducken and piecake-en! Whale-elephant-cow-dog-turducken-chicakdee-centipede-parasites-parasites Sandwich. The parasites that turn the snails blue and what were we talking about? Letterman's producer "a one-joke idea" - but a multi-idea joke! A one-multi-idea-joke idea! Don't be sorry Dave. H-why and h-where pronunciation. Depends on whether you know how the words you're saying are spelled. End of show talk. Spokes-noise for the CoSG.

Background music: Petra Haydn

19 Fantastic Plastics - NONOGOGO 02:28

20 Thanks Bob 00:04

21 Stang SignOff-Syn intro 02:03

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