Hour of Slack #1535 - Dr. Hal, Rev. Susie the Floozie, and... WeiMawMaw!


Tonight's Hour of Slack, #1,535, is a canned show with Dr. Hal and Rev. Susie the Floozie, recorded July 2nd at the X-day Drill of this year that THEY call 2015. It's a lively discussion of everything nerdly and cool, although the highlight of it is a truly incredible duet sung by Princess Wei and her 85-year-old Mom ("weiMawMaw") of very naughty song! For a week now, however, I, Stang, have been working with the OTHER kinds of audio from X-Day, the bands and ranters and, er, spontaneous happenings and shenanigans. Praise "Bob," there are four main nights' worth of such entertainment, and MOST of it, I can now confidently report, sounds GREAT. BY that I mean the content is good AND there is a decent recording. Sometimes I have 3 or 4 choices of different ways a given song was recorded, so there's a lot of comparing and selecting, and it makes my ears and file-naming fingers tired, but... I've finished the first 3 days. I could make one hell of a best-of or, or four, from all this stuff, but I want to get that final night sorted out first. Then hopefully next week we can start playing the crazy rants and drivin' 3-note jams, having sweetened them up and made them palatable. Speaking of which at least half of the best stuff will have to be used on special Internet-only shows, because there's just no way it could work on broadcast radio in the USA. We would all go to jail unless we died laughing first. So, look for that soon. At the end of tonight's show, Dr. Hal lists all of the acts and actlessnesses I'm talking about, so, you'll see what I mean. We had one action PACKED X-Day Drill. Tonight's PARTICULAR hour however was all recorded in one swell frop and is relatively laid back. Praise "Bob."

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