Hour of Slack #1546x - 18X-Day Instrumental Jams


This Internet-Only special Hour of Slack wasn't sent to the broadcast stations because it's solid instrumental jams from 18X-Day, and SubGenius jam music can be an acquired taste that melts the tongues and ears of the unworthy, or of those with so-called "good" taste. But we figure the musicians themselves, some X-Day attendees, and masochists may want to hear it. There were jams on five nights of the festival, so we had a lot to choose from. None of this music was rehearsed; it's all improvisational jams, some rocking and some jazzing, but all spazzing. It's carefully organized, but not in any order we can explain. There is a sort of general credits-giving at the end by M.C. Priestess Pisces. The one musician who is probably on damn near every track is Rev. Angry Larry, playing the generally most prominent guitar most of the time. Other musicians who were involved most nights include Bishop Stick (mostly on bass), Rev. Rock God (guitar), Rev. Hazel of the Windmills (everything), Rev. Fidd Chewley (on drums a lot), Trademark Gunderson from Evolution Control Committee (custom keyboards), Lord Ferg (bass), Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw (bass, guitar), Dr. Philo U. Drummond (weird machines), Rev. Sinphaltimus Exmortus (throat, drums, guitar), Rev. Shover (bass), Rev 80, Rev. Dildonics, Rev. Aurichio, and DJ Gravity. Note: The MP3 and Ogg Vorbis versions of this paticular show were rendered at a higher resolution than usual, and the show is over an hour, so the file sizes are larger than normal.

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1 1985 Stang Title 00:34
2 Stang - 18XDay Instrumentals Explanation 02:40
3 5bLa-4-min Pipe Rockin jam 1! 03:53
4 03jB-Quiet Pretty Short Jam 00:56
5 03aL-Good Instrumental!+ 03:03
6 03kB-Drivin Angry Larry Jam Inst! 02:06
7 5aL-Weird Spazzed Music 02:16
8 5bLb-4 min Pipe Rockin Jam 2 03:45
9 5lL-Mad Scientist Cackle Jam 2! 02:01
10 03lB-Driving to Planet X Inst!!+ 05:50
11 Bassist Is Sullen inst. 04:42
12 Ol' Sequaw Jam Pt 1 04:46
13 5gL-Dedbeef Inst. 02:19
14 5nL-LordAngryLarry funkinst!!= 07:47
15 09 Jam Band one song EXCERPT 01:11
16 03oL-EXCERPT 11-min psyjam+ 02:06
17 g-OK tune excerpt 01:22
18 03nL-Soso Bulldada Inst+ but~shorten 01:51
19 h excerpt from dr-like 01:55
20 5qL-Prabob End Jam+ 03:24
21 03qL-10-min psy jam+ 07:41
22 03mB-Pi Creds n froppin+ 01:17
23 03uB-Pi Credits+ 00:44
24 11hB-All Our Bobs jazz 02:20
25 end URL 00:23

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