Hour of Slack #1569 - Southern Spoutin's in Slangs in Der Fuehrer's Face

Live show, 2016-05-08


First live show from WCSB in six months! The Daves and StangDoes invent several new languages, partially inspired by the book "Southern Sayin's for Yankees and Other Immigrants." Before that, however, there is an amazing collage by Rev. Susie the Floozie about "Bob" and Connie, and new music is unveiled by The Rudy Schwartz Project (covering The Shaggs!!!), Rev. Jimmy Ryan and Rural War Room, plus a brand new "Bob" hymn by Rev. Morgan Gutentag. There are also some cold, wet sound effects and a canned recording from Stang Ranch about the Stang Ranch dinosaur tracks and what other creatures may be leaving footprints in those parts.

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1 Lemur: HOS Intro #554-used gigilo club 00:13
2 What did Bob say about me_ 00:02
3 Morgan Gutentag - "Bob" Wants YOU! 00:44
4 Rev. Susie the Floozie collage 06 - "Bob" n Connie 06:46
5 Stang & Doe - Report on the Stang Ranch dinosaur tracks 04:18
6 Rev. Jimmy Ryan - Nag Nag Nag 01:12
7 The Rudy Schwartz Project - My Pal Foot Foot 02:37
8 Dammett howls 00:09
9 Rural War Room - Modern Age 03 04:10
10 Live LimLam, WCSB 2016_05_08 37:13

Stang and Wei give the credits. Stang Ranch sound effect thunderstorm gets the studio wet, cold. Stang explains Rudy Schwartz Project new album Sunshine Supershits. Subject matter tonight? Dave calls in. Beasty nipple shirt talk and Bessie bugs. Stang quotes "Southern Sayin's for Yankees and Other Immigrants." By Rev. Chain Smerker? Australians are humans OR SubGeniuses. Dave a wild bore. He called me a baby -- that's assault! Hypergender bathrooms for BLTs vs. ham sandwich. Slap your ham and your bacon together! Assaulted deli meat. Cured with hemotherapy. Describing our grotto studio with water coming out the walls. Naked cherbub and Neptune concrete fountains needed for our grottos. We're gonna need money for the statuary for our new Church driveway. The Lonesome Cowboy Dave sculpture carved into the mountain like Mount Rushdie and the Crazy Horse mountain sculpture. The Conspiracy White People and the Lakota's Pink Boys. Southern-speak from Stang about Slack. Stump water discussion. Making fun of the fuhrer. Stang dials up Spike Jones' rather timely "Der Fuhrer's Face". Can't put pictures on the radio, yet, but we're talking about putting the SubG radio shows on the new SubGenius ROKU channel, on the OSI74 channel. SubGenius pornography = "Bob" pics. "I know, right?" Now that Stang has a smart phone he's hip to all the latest trends. "I know, right?" The joys of old obscure teen slang, especially made-up teen slang. Make up you own slang! Dave and Stang speak in Slangs. Develop your own stinglespeak and jaw jaw it all the time -- they'll pick up the same limlams you were sploozing. We've been trained for abdumums to bimblesnot. The crust of the matter. The punchline comes July 5 1998. Coming up: X-Day, Starwood, the Republican Convention. Nominating "Bob" would save their butts. "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for "Bob."" Stang's experience at the 1984 Republican Con in Dallas. Open Carry at the Cleveland Repub Con. Triumpant, within their world. "A vote for Trump is a vote against boredom," but boredom is BEST when it comes to world politics. But as Gates said to Jobs, "That doesn't matter." The world ends in July hopefully; plans for Starwood on the Escape Vessel then shunt out the non-Subs. How do you know you're not ALREADY just a brain in a jar imagining everything? It's all illusory til you stub your toe. Mankind worked its way towards The Three Stooges on TV, but then had to come up with the Internet and crap like THIS! Intro the Rudy Schwartz Project song and how he moved to Canada.

11 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Build Me Up Buttercup 03:05

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