Hour of Slack #1570 - Gulliver's Travels - The Dirty Parts

Live show, 2016-05-15


Rev. Stang reads selections from Gulliver's Travels -- the passages in which Gulliver needs to go to the bathroom, but the bathrooms are all either too small or too large. Lonesome Cowboy Dave provides his own insights into the great Jonathan Swift novel of 1726. Stangs gets all worked up about Trump and the value of boredom. First, though, there's a great rant by Rev. Susie the Floozie about "Bob," "Bob" hymns by Rev. Bleepo Abernathy and Mark Mothersbaugh, two count 'em two new Rudy Schwartz Project pieces, Jimmy Ryan guitar, and some discussion of haters by Dr. Philo Drummond and Dr. Hal on The Puzzling Evidence Show.

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1          HOS Intro #798 - Electric Aminal 00:20

2          Susie Track 08            08:25

3          RSP 12-Under Pressure            03:41

4          50 Dollar Puz Ev Excerpt            03:10

5          Live at WCSB 2016-05-15            37:36

Stang gives credits w/ Jimmy Ryan bg. Reads from Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift. (Bernard Herrman's score for Harryhausen Gulliver's Travels as bg music). Stang gives capsule description of the novel then reads sections involving Gulliver's problem's with urination and excretion. A. Making Water on the Lilliput beach while tied down. B. Having to relieve himself within his Lilliputian jail on his half a Stang of land. C. Extinguishing the fire endangering the Palace by peeing on it. Attempted Lonesome Cowboy Dave call problem. Stang stalls and reads D. Failing to properly leap the giant cow's dung pile in Brobdingnag. Poor Gulliver's bathroom problems. Moby Dick also a very funny book. Dave calls in re: bad ideas amd dirty parts of Gulliver's Travels. Jonathan Swift was what we might now call a conseervative, a Tory not a Whig, a Catholic preacher, the plight of the Irish and the politics of England satirized, yet still just as true today as then. Most people know the illustrated versions. E. The Race of Lawyers - Swift's capsule description of Money and the Con, and Yahoos. Gulliver's reaction to Normals when he returns. The crappy movies of Gulliver's Travel. The deletions from the novel. Dave sir realism. Laputa is even worse than England. F. Lap[uta bellows-weilding doctor shit scene. The dog died on the spot. The higher vocabulary of older books compared to modern novels because people are so much less intelligent now. Old books and Stang's gigantic glasses to read with. The return of the fad of white garter socks and white wigs. Spend money and be like Trump! A meritocracy, only people with money get respect. Only money is important, so de,onstrate superiorioty with the wig or, better, the broomstick up the ass. Butt bling of the future. Curly shoes. Wobblies and commies aand trumpies -- let's support Trump because $ is all that matters - but IT DOESN'T MATTER! Only power. If you vote for Trump, he WILL let you in his country club!! Stang's Trump boredom rant! Trump like Santa Clause -- sees whos votin for him. You hate America! Unite against boredom, happiness and health - too many freeloaders getting Slack and not enough haters getting smack. How could a real estate developer lie or be wrong? "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for "Bob."" Old Pipe Face Whig. Contagious creativity and CoSG. Read all the books. SubG on TV on Roku, Philo's show. This week, Rev X's worst version of Star Wars ever. X-Day and Starwood - Wei on Premature Receedingh Hairlines and the Queequeeg haircut - Halim el-Dahb and Ron Slabe concert plug (Spaces gallery) Stang on Halim el Dahb - and other electronic artists - Amy Mothersbaugh's gallery and her Cicada related art show - end of show.The cicadas aren't real and even if they were real you wouldn't be able to hear 'em.


6          RSP 04-Hocus Pocus  03:08

7          Jimmy Ryan 34 Funkaholic            01:57

8          Jimmy Ryan did that 00:06

9          SubGeniusMailingSpot-ECHO 00:33

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