Hour of Slack #1573 - They Saved Grandpa's Gauze Pt. 1

Live show, 2016-06-05

62:38 (radio version 59:44)

There's a new, all-original CD out by The Rude Schwartz Project, and we haven't even played everything off the last RSP album ("Sunshine Supershits," a collection of covers). So we're playing the first half of this brilliant bulldada rock opera of an album for the first half of the show. Tighten down your grommets for it! There is also a great new song by Xposed 4Heads. After that we get The Call from Lonesome Cowboy Dave. Topics of discussion include: "Bob" and Reagan. The blowhole of America, Moby Dick and monster hunt legends as the basis of literature. The Sensitive Bone vs. The Funny Bone. Pyroflatulation. Dave's parasitic twin. The Drs. 4 Wotan Audience Replacement technique. Fossil ghost tracks at Stang Ranch. Wei downloads a Fart Piano and we sing a song about Ranch Style Beans.

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1 Lemur - HOS Intro #795 - The All American 00:13

2 Lemur -  HOS Intro #793 - Keep You In Slack 00:13

3 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Viens me faire oublier 02:54

4 Xposed 4Heads - I'm Not Social 02:51

5 credits Xposed-RSP 00:42

6 The Rudy Schwartz Project - -01-Fasten Thee Thy Swathings 01:24

7 RSP-02-Space Medicine Girl 02:50

8 The Rudy Schwartz Project - 03-Miraculous Diaper Creatures 01:43

9 The Rudy Schwartz Project - 04-Moist Towelettes XXX! 04:23

10 The Rudy Schwartz Project - 05-Personal Eggs 02:51

11 The Rudy Schwartz Project - 07-Hugh Beaumont's Brain XXX 01:57

12 The Rudy Schwartz Project - 08-Temporary Housing Has Been Arranged by Torbak 04:00

13 Live WCSB 2016-06-05 34:21

Stang gives song names played from They Saved Grandpa's Gauze by The Rudy Schwartz Project. Reads about "Bob" Dobbs and Ronald Reagan's shared history from THE BOBLIOGRAPHON. DAVE calls and asks about his Buzz. The purpose of life: To have fun. If your buttocks are clenched. Butts doing crappy jobs is what old age is all about. Dave's a winner. Didn't believe Europe exists until he saw the photoshops. The blowhole of the United States is Ashtabula. MOBY DICK is actually a pretty funny book. Queequeeg vs. Pequod. The earliest classic stories are all monster hunter stories, with sex. Beowulf, Siegfried, Gilgamesh etc. Modern day monster hunts of bin Laden, Hussein, "Bob" etc. "Bob" in great literature. Women in nontraditional monster hunting legends - Diana the Huntress - Wonder Woman. The girls of Monster High. What if the Greek philosophers had been women? Maybe they were but Plata said "Burn those books." Stang's misunderstood jokes. Sometimes you hit the Sensitive Bone instead of the Funny Bones - so maybe we should NEVER TALK! Flatulence as a non-political method of discourse; PyroFlatulation in SubGenius History. Dave's PyroFlatulation team in high school. Tough world Jack Kerouak -- no, Jack London. Rev. Jack Kanapes vs Jack O'Napes. The only true artist is the Jack of Artists. "You're making my socks smelly!" No working class humor any more; just slave and slave-driver. Buzz-covering music. Just keep talking! Quit talking about it and nobody'll notice! The Thing on Your Face; Dave's Double-Mean Baby Head parasitic twin on the back of his head - she wrote him a letter, she's gonna join a Chicago band. How can Dave's parasitic twin be in a Chicago band when she's stuck to the back of Dave's head? The Devil's involved so it's easier. AT FIRST. It was Popular Investment Banker Dave that signed the contract and got all the clones. Unpopular Garbage Man Dave, Weed Thing Jumping Monkeyman Dave. Wei's magic peaceful party cookies from the graveyard. Buttocks wolfman thing. X-Day Wistery - new Dr. Hal art on subgenius.com - Dobbstown Nano-Heliograph - Starwood will be on our Escape Vessel - Out the Airlock - Eccch-Day, Dial del Eccchh. Getting Dave to X-Day on a stretcher and cats to carry him. X-Day is SOON! June 28. Dr. Hal in the station soon - lip flappin'. Drs 4 Wotan and the audience, all with Fart Pianos will replace us - basics of doktor music. Google 'Fart Piano' and you'll have one. The various official names of farts as done in deifferent regions - the weizer, the lubrifart, the splatterer. Adam and Eve named them 6000 years ago. On our ranch we have the footprints of Adam and Eve, imbedded in those of dinosaurs who fleed the Flood first. The attractions at Stang Ranch - Noahs Ark ruins, ghost tracks, cave SubGeniuses, Bible truths. WEI PLAYS FART PIANO SHE JUST DOWNLOADED! A Player Fart Piano with paper rolls. FART PIANO CONCERTER _ Heil in Der Feuhrer's Face. Dave, Stang sing Bethoven as Ranch Style Beans vs. Wolf Brand - Ranch Style Hymn. Wei became a Sampler Arteest! We got a band - not Mondo Retardo, not Poo Water Towel, not Drs. 4 Wotam - now it's Cool Bummer. End of show: Church of the SubGenius quick description - subgenius.com/events for nekkid pictures, not necessarily the kind u like - Dave never met Baby Bear but she is bringing "Bob" Effigy - good description of the "Bob" burnings and the dumbasses we use for "Bob" - roasting hot dogs off his feet, lighting cigs off his burning screaming FACE. End with The Psycho Skeletons, Basil's haircut.

14 the Psycho Skeletons - My Retina 02:06

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