Hour of Slack #1575 - Walkers for Trump

Live show, 2016-06-19


This was one talkative episode! The music at the beginning includes excellent brand new pieces by David Morrison and Pilgrim Speakeasy, and there's an RSP dingleberry at the end. In between it's nonstop banter, blather and ranting as we gear up for both X-Day/Starwood and the Inevitable Mass Trump Slapdown that we suspect is finally brewing. The problems of Facebook and "real" names comes up. The Romero-based Living Dead movies and the Walking Dead show as metaphors for the Dumbing of America are explored, painfully. Lonesome Cowboy Dave expresses his dislike of superheroes. Stang gets possessed by that redneck wingnut demon again.

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1 Bobbie-Loan 00:12

2 Lemur: HOS Intro #893 - Hour of "Bob" 00:20

3 The Large - Stay Tuned 00:11

4 Lemur - PR Gnus #1737 00:22

5 Bobby's Party 00:13

6 From Media Barrage 1 - BobMontage 02:05

7 David Morrison - The Master Cleanser 04:35

8 Slack 2 00:15

9 Pilgrim Speakeasy - Antidote 06:27

10 3Live WCSB 2016_06_19 43:45

Stang does credits, describes arteests Pilgrim Speakeasy and David Morrison, plugs Susies's show and Puzzling Evidence. Bunny Wailer's song about Bobbie Loans - We know what he means. When they "loan" you things you didn't ask for and you lose them in the stack of "loans" and then they want them back. Busy readying the two different festivals run by Stang and Wei - his X-Day and her Starwood. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in. Next show will hopefully have Dave and Dr. Hal in the studio. Mental entangles and hair. Haircuts; Stang's ponytail mocked by his grandsons - "Grandpa is a Girl" - Stang lets out a brief rendition of GANDALF THE BLACK with apologies to Rudy Ray Moore leads to discussion of Homo Floresiensis or "hobbit" cavemen. Did we talk about this last week? We DID! Are we getting old? The National Geographic sexy painting again recalled. Wishful thinking about resurrecting cave people. After X-Day we can create our own life forms on our own planets. Wei went to same junior-high as Trump; reads a note passed to her in study hall which mentions "Donald" and his nickname "Donald Duck." Wei dated Trump? "And by the way.. he's the greatest!" The handy button: "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for "Bob"" and how you might find a ten-pack of them. A button to push? The "KISS MY BUTTon" button on Dave's forehead. Legume, Dave and Jaegermeister stories of X-Day and foreheads and lip-sewing. X-Day readiness - packing, van the brochure downloadable, getting hipstoned to the end of this rotund adventure. X-Day is now 21 years old so it can finally get drunk legally, even though it could get drafted and killed for capitalism 3 years earlier at age 18. Time control problems of X-Day having already come and the current "world" is just a bad hallucination, perhaps due to limited imaginations. The real 1998. What if it turns out bad? The problem of rival SubGeniuses getting their own Death Stars and coming after me. "I coulda done a LOT better." Does Stang have two personalities? On Facebook, no. Stang getting busted by Facebook and having to appear with his obviously fake "Doug Smith" human street name. St. Clair, the Patron Saint of Television. YouTube killed TV. Pie bombardment. The war between the microcephalics and the macros - the tiny hands versus the big heads. Little hands are good for handling little hands in the bathroom. Rev. Faux said he self-identifies as a ladies room toilet. Dave peefurs. Triceratops vs Triceracop from KUNG FU FURY. Quickie review of IRON SKY and the trailer for IRON SKY 2. Fathers Day but Stang's son working on his first feature film, will start shooting just as the world ends. Hope they shoot the right people. The varying weather extremes of the southen Ohio campground where X-Day Drills have been held. Walkers: slow but numerous, sort of like real life. Stang catching up on Walking Dead which disgusts Wei. Walking Dead as a metaphor for being an aware person in life today in Stupid America. DAWN OF THE DEAD was the horror movie of real life. Has the Big Trump Smackdown finally begun? The media and democrats are sitting on the really damning stuff; drama dictates that they saved the burned bridges for the last. Will they take the lid off what they've been holding back just before the election? Fox News is just a Rhino. Some think Trump is performance art. But wait! His 30% of America aren't performance artists. "He says what everybody really thinks" -- not me, not Wei, not Dave. Stang possessed by wingnut spirit. When people on the Net say "your stuped". The unnecessary apostrophe give-away. The dumbing of America has long since happened. The Jester in the Batman movies. Examples of Batman's villain Dingleberry, Robin and the Bat Pole and Young Dick, the boy in the green underpants. "About that Batpole, Robin.. ." Quick review of the middle-era Batman movie with Robin. Some don't like Chris Nolan's Batman movies but their opinion doesn't count because they're not on Facebook enough." Dave hates super heroes! Stang starting to turn Hal-like in preparation. Daves askes about the HAIL CAESAR clip on last show and Stang does quickie review. Re-enacting the scene. Movie theaters and bookstores closed these days due to downloads, ebooks, e-musical instruments. Internet guitars, phone guitars replaced real guitars. Fart pianos and X-Day: Wei and Stang need more members for Poo Water Towel because Philo can't be there for Drs. For Wotan. Dave can't be at X-Day because he was in the hospital. But this time not a mental hospital. The crease in Dave's forehead that came from when Legume pinned the "Don't Blame Me I Voted for "Bob" button on Dave's forehead. Can find a Head Line reader or phrenologist at Starwood. Criminal bumps. "Donny is so cute. That duck he wears on his head is so sweet!" Discussion of The Rudy Schwartz Project preceeding "Full Frontal Klugman."

11 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Full Frontal Klugman 01:11

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