Hour of Slack #1578 - 19X-Day Radio Synesthesia with Dr. Howll 'n Callers (B)

Live show, 2016-06-26


This second hour of the pre-X-Day Radio Synesthesia show starts with the train wreck of Gov. Rocknar's immediate financial problems, but it grows into a powerful message of Slack. Dr. Sinister's studio guests are Dr. Howll, Rev. Stang, Princess Wei (that's pronounced "Wheeee!" by the way) and Lonesome Cowboy Dave. They grapple with callers Rocknar and No Money Mark, and each other, for the entire hour, aside from a very old StangCollage at the beginning. We're posting this episode a week early because we'll be back at Wisteria for Starwood Festival during the critical show-posting time-interstices. In two weeks this program will begin revealing the true story of what happened at Wisteria starting with the beginning of 19X-Day, or, more correctly, the 21st X-Day Drill, on June 27, "2016."

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Gov. Rocknar of SportsLand calls in and describes housing problems that are not uncommon to non-wealthy SubGeniuses (which includes most SubGeniuses). Slack pads vs. the cost of living. Various real estate scam ideas; Rich Uncle Pennybags and free tacos in Kentucky. The night the Cavs finally won. Facts about SportsLand. "Texas out of America NOW!" Texit vefore X-Day? "Earth out of Solar System NOW!" No Money Mark calls in. Moxie vs. Ale 8, MexiCoke. Galco's Old World Grocery. The Fanta Menace. Obese children "marching." Soft drinks of the ages. Forced health-food-eating in San Francisco. How spaceships are powered: matter vs. antimatter. Brexit talk. "Solar System out of the Galaxy NOW!" Stang as Trump. Make America a Cheese Grater Again. Thumb in the dike; double Dutch and the sea level. Strange food explorations. The death of Crazy White Sean, sideshow marvel and Human Blockhead of Amsterdam. Rocknar's memories of Cannabis Cup, such as they are. Medical Mary Jane in Ohio. Primordial brute force and Earth politics. More matter vs. antimatter. Star Trek red shirts and updates. "Vulcans out of the Federation NOW!" Must destroy the world to rebuild it anyway. X-Day promises. What happens to Stang's brother's goats after he sells them... same as "Bob's" attitude. The ways of goats. Goat Simulator. Space bullies. The Old Mac Games page on SubSITE; emulators and ancient games. All Stang's old Macs still work; had to resurrect the 1994 book REVELATION X from Pagemaker 1.0 to InDesign. Last book was PDF. Had to show Office Max printshop girl how to print from Photoshop. "I am the most humble and egoless of all God's creatures." Practice in your closet! "You're FIRED!" X-Day is a one-way trip, baby. JHVH-1 is insane. The Laser Project. The problem of tacky tachyon particles. Time and Anti-Time. Our galaxy is hungry - where there is falling, there is time. Stang not "Bob" but is more like one of Santa's elves. Sexless drones, like Smurfs. Is there a JHVH-2?!? The lives of galaxies. Getting off after a Big Bang. Stang announces dibs on Isaac Newton's end of the world Biblical prediction original manuscript. Dropped apples out of trees and tripped balls. Isaac Newton's gold spectacles; early x-ray glasses. Gold and quartz bullshit. Show is ending. Heathens and Shethens. World and show ending!

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