Hour of Slack #1580 - Post-19X-Day-Starwood-and-RNC

Live show from WCSB, July 24, 2016 with Dave, Stang, Wei


First time back in the WCSB studio after 19X-Day, Starwood 36, and the RNC! We changed our minds about releasing the X-Day recordings as fast as we can -- we'll save some of those for our 6 months in Texas when we don't have the station or Dave. But this show has the Lonesome Cowboy! -- and lots of music too: Xposed 4Heads, The Fantastic Plastics, O.O.B. Experience, Doktors 4 Extreme Prejudice. Discussions cover The Age of Stupid, current events, undercurrents, currants, the elections, and how to repeat, quip your jab and Slock on. Some anecdotes from the various events are told and the "Bob" Whoopee Cushion is finally explained in full.

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1 I Am titles 00:50
2 Douglass Smith Ex-editor 00:41
3 DougSmithSezDiffent! 00:32
4 Deadwood-LuckyThanSmart XX 00:06
5 Stooges Moe - Oh, A Slacker 00:01
6 TZ-END mr Douglass Smith 01:31
7 Xposed 4Heads-Light it Up! 04:07
8 Out of Band Experience - Slack Bang Me, Baby (You Know What I Need) 02:10
9 Gary Gbroagfran - Tarbaby of Bob 02:38
10 Lemur: PR Gnus #1742 00:36

11 Live WCSB 2017_07_24 40:33
Background music: The Rudy Schwartz Project. Credits various songs. DEVOtional promo. We're back from 19X-Day, Starwood and the Republican National Convention. Our fundaments were on the line but no one died. At X-Day everyone's name tag said "Doug." Stang's cosmic maygjickkal wifi ticket and Starwood registration numbers. (13213 and 420) Fine eating at X-Day (Heathen) and Starwood (Space Rangers). Acid Tests. The bugs ate well, of us. Exotic bugs lived on us. Stang's Candiru Toad. Ol' Sequaw's hatchlings in the Bobtism pond, hunting the sinners. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in. Reading People's History of the US by Howard Zinn. In a fish tail in the medicine fish hole. Pappy and Zinn's book. We missed Dave during the shows because of bad scope calibration. The RNC and its effect on Cleveland economics -- gay prostitutes alone did well! Climb out of the hole and into other holes. Freedom to be an idiot. Billboard of Trump and Cruz kissing, a mystery. P. Pinkerton Pinksley. More cops than customers at the Farmer's Market. Nothing to fear in Cleveland unless you're a protester. Big Brother and the Ghosts of Ancestors horrified by the TV news. We need a new human being of false sweetness. Our next President, Vermin Supreme, the current Pat Paulsen. All have the right to be President -- you or me. Dave's and Stang's Presidential fantasies, losing the football and blowing lunch. Speculation re: what presidents are told on their first day in office: Area 51? The Chinese or Yap overlords? You're just a scarecrow, Mr or Mz President. The King of Yap has bigger Disks than this whole country has. Happy as a 19X-Day pie dying to be eaten. Stang's camera drone at X-Day and Starwood. Lolita sings Theme from a Summer Place in German. Jew's Harp classical music by Albrechtsberger made Dave weep silently. Ein zumerplatz. We can't see Tanja and Buckey nude in Germany anymore due to station web problems. Stang mistakes background SRV for Hendrix. The dog's tampon and Stang's Mad Dildo Bomber "BOB" Bomb story from Starwood. Stang's dirty pictures and pixie-eye view of fairies, elves, leprechauns, the wee Wei key-stealing wee folk. Music background Witch Disco mysteries. Dave on "Bob" and Slack, farty smell, he'd turn away from Dobbs if he could have Slack. Everything comes apart one way or another. Keep that Slag and never give it Bag. Slat, Slock, Slab, Sluuk, Schlock. Repeat! Quip your Jab! Slock off! Are you just a listener, or Facebook Gimme Bob, or a real MINISTER? Stang rants on the well-meaning Gimmebobs who never paid their dues nor any attention at all. The letter from the guy whose life was saved by SubG -- but still puts off sending in that $35. Can't say the amount on the radio so Stang does cute workaround. The "Bob" Whoopee Cushion that "I won't buy." How the "Bob" dummy in our van scared the citizenry at the grocery store parking lot. The abused fundament of the "Bob" dummy. Great background voices, "Leo Cupper radio"?

12 The Fantastic Plastics - Electric Eyes 02:56
13 G. Gordon Gordon - Ballad of Bleeding Head 03:31

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